Both Sides Of An Opinion

November 13, 2009
By , Commack, NY
“More members are needed to save Americans from the growing power of ‘so-called
U.S. citizens who are not true Americans”. This is an advertisement that some members of an editorial board at a High School would like to place in their next school newspaper. Other members of the editorial board are against the advertisement being published because it is being raciest towards the blacks, Hispanics, Italians, and Asians attending the school. There are two sides to this argument, and both sides think they are right.
In the United States of America all people have freedom of speech, as stated in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We the people are able to write, symbolize and speak about our opinions, right or wrong. So it is accurate that the members of the editorial board who want to publish this advertisement, racist or not, is allowed to. Though this may cause some hostility toward the editorial board, the members of the editorial board willing to speak out for what he or she believes in may do so.

The other members of the editorial board that feel the advertisement is raciest and may send the wrong message to the students attending the High School, also have a point. This may cause not only hatred towards the editorial board, but it may cause the faculty at the High School to censor the newspaper from then on. Which would not be fair for the members who don’t want the paper to be censored because they want the feeling of being able to write freely, and express their feelings.

There are always two sides to every story. If the advertisement is racist and does not get published some of the members on the editorial board will be mad that their opinion is not being heard. If the advertisement does get published then some of the members of the editorial board will be mad if the paper gets censored. I feel that the advertisement should be published because the members of the editorial board have the right to express what they believe in.

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