Kind Hearts and Cold Hearts

November 5, 2009
I've noticed something selfish that's been going on for awhile. I've noticed it for awhile and now, I feel like writing about it. Wealthy people seem to be selfish. I'm not saying that all wealthy people are selfish, it's just most of them I've heard about are. They seem to look down on people and just throw out money to them. I'm happy they are giving money, but most of it's just like them giving out a penny when it could be hundreds of dollars. The "poor" are grateful, but I just find the wealthy to be selfish and take things for granted. The poor seem to help each other, and they understand. They share what is most dear to them with other people, even food and water. Even if it were to be their only possesion. I'm not saying this is true...Or a fact. It's just my opinion and I don't want anyone to feel offended. This article wasn't meant for anyone to take offense to it.

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