Because I'm not a cheerleader

November 1, 2009
By MadisonRenee SILVER, Colona, Illinois
MadisonRenee SILVER, Colona, Illinois
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This year we enter the high school; a building full of drama, hate, cat fights, and relationships. The girls we were friends with in middle school have all went in different directions this year. Now though, there are a handful that won't even look your way when you see them in the hallway. I can sit behind them in class or watch them pass my locker every day on their way to lunch and still not ever hear a simple hello. Why is that? Because I'm not a cheerleader. I don't wear my cute little uniform on Fridays and don't stay after school to hang up the locker signs I spent hours making for the football players. I don't own any of the matching cheerleader shirts they all were, and I am not known to be loud and bubbly. Yet every day, I say hi to them in class and try to smile at them in the hallway, all of which goes ignored. Just because I'm not a cheerleader. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with cheerleaders in general. I'm sure they are great, friendly girls, and maybe it is just my highschool but at my school the cheerleaders date the football players and no one else exists.
When three girls you used to be really close to stop talking to you as soon as they see their name on that list it hurts. It makes you not want to like the cheerleaders, you don't want to miss them but you can't help it. Everything changes no matter how hard you try to hold on. Eventually there is nothing left for you to do though. You get sick of being ignored, you get sick of them seeing right through you, and you get sick of trying so hard to save a friendship they no longer remember. Why did it all change? Because, you aren't a cheerleader.

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True story.

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Ritamc SILVER said...
on Nov. 16 2009 at 8:34 pm
Ritamc SILVER, Bayside, New York
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I know what you mean, the same thing happens in my school, except we don't have cheerleaders. -_- It's based on who has the most friends etc. It can get really annoying sometimes, and you find yourself missing that old friend more each & every day. It's a shame, such a loss, when you loose a friend that way.

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