The Responsibility of a Generation

October 24, 2009
By KnowledgeZabar BRONZE, Billings, Montana
KnowledgeZabar BRONZE, Billings, Montana
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We all know how it works. You are born into the world in complete ignorance of your surroundings. You are openly accepted by the society you are now living amidst because you lack the knowledge to make acceptable judgements. As a growing young child, you begin to observe the difference between right and wrong, and the basic social rules of your nation. Still, despite your expanding base of knowledge, you are still a child, inferior to the majority of the world. Even in your unknowing, innocent simplicity, you are aware that responsibility does not play a prominent role in your life. Fortunately for the well fare of our society, these stages do not last forever. In fact, every person reading this has long since transcended this level of knowledge. Upon further judgement, the teens of our generation will play a vital role in modeling behavior and standards for future generations that will eventually restore our land to united prosperity. This being said, respect and responsibility must be more vigorously instilled in the young people who will go on to shape our future. Every adult knows the stereotypical teenager. Disrespectful, uncooperative, and strong willed. But these assumptions must be thrown to the darkest depths of our thought process if we are to obtain the elusive drive to reshape our country. If you would like to have a role in the method in which your generation’s history will be crafted, take a stand. Refuse to conform to the identity that seems to have consumed all teens. Take responsibility for your actions, and encourage your surrounding counterparts to do the same. In my opinion, young citizens, and all of society for that matter, should not complain about the state of their government and become increasingly adamant in their refusal to give credence to proclaimed good intentions if they are not willing to fill their meaningless words with meaningful actions. In other words, if you’re not in favor of something, do something about it. Take responsibility for the duties you owe to your country, and have respect for those who have done the same for you in order to build the foundation you stand on. I encourage you to strive to become a permanent fixture within the culmination of pioneers that will be remembered for changing the course of a nation. Get involved, and ensure that your opinions are purveyed to society in an appropriate, confident manor. I was once among the people I now encourage others not to imitate. As if a blessing had descended from the heavens, this very revelation befell me, and as I pondered its complexities, I became a more responsible, respectful, and informed citizen of the United States of America. I tell all of the unsure readers out there that, it is not necessary for this age associated transition to occur rapidly. You will gradually mature into an important piece of the American society. The seemingly substantial level of difficulty and the amount of change brought on by this decision may intimidate some, but once I had accepted that I was part of the future of my homeland, supposedly admirable qualities such as responsibility and involvement became much easier to accept as a part of my life. It is necessary for you to know that this is not a command. But rather a humble and important request. I encourage you to find the drive within yourself to take part in the events that will either make or break the future of the very establishment you call home, thus preserving it in the fabric of greatness for future generations to withhold.

The author's comments:
If the young citizens of ou nation are to have a role in shaping the future of our country for better or worse, they must obtain a greater level of responsibility and involvement, and sense their importance.

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