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September 28, 2009
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When you really think about it, what is the future? Isn’t it like one second from now, and the past was just one second ago? Then what is the present?
You could ask a million people, and I’m sure one of them is bound to say, “Time is meaningless,” or, “Time is a figment of the imagination.”

Is it?

I could go to the busiest city on the planet, and the person who tells me either of the quotes I mentioned could be looking at their watch, running to whatever meeting is “timeless”.

Me – well, I won’t say time is meaningless. But I will point out that there is a past, future, but there is no present.

A lot of people could be like, “Whatever, I’m living in the moment.” Anyone can say my theory has no sense. The thing is, people are so accustomed to time, that they don’t even realize it. They think the past is a century ago, instead of just a minute.

I hate time a lot, but I’m just too paranoid to think about it. Like important dates as my birthday. Scientists believe, after a long period of research, that one Earth day is twenty-four hours and one hour has sixty minutes. I won’t argue because I’ll probably hear a bunch of la-dee-da about the Earth’s rotation and all. It doesn’t mean that my birthday isn’t today, or next month, right?

That takes care of my discussion over “time.” Next thing is the Future. I have to be so anxious about what happens next, instead of just knowing. When does the world end? When am I going to die? Will I get into college?

Then later, engineers might say that in the near future that we can use more advanced technology than before. What else do we need? Flying cars and talking animals? First off, I’m sure a flying car will consume more fuel than a car on the road. Besides, I consider cars a privilege than a right. And sure, to have your dog talk is cool and all but, really? A talking animal could finally get all the mistreated animals to join some canine army or something.

Finally, we have the past.

The past is something people want to remember, forget, or hold grudges for. Forgive and forget is not exactly the motto most people use, and if they say they do, well, I just think they’re total hypocrites.
I wouldn’t like the past because of that. Time is important, no matter how annoying it is.

That’s just my opinion.

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