female uprise

September 11, 2009
lately i've been feeling like women dont realize the power we have in our hands. i've seen girls treated badly by their boyfriends. and they dont do anything about it! i've seen people pay more attention to a man opinion than a womans. and worst of all i eard this jerk say that he doesnt care if a girl has a personality as long as se has a nice body. today i wish to speak towards women empowerment. some women feel like if they are not with a guy they are worthless. thats so not true. like yea sure sometimes one might get lonely, but thats a lot better than being humiliated by some jerk who probably doesnt realize the great companion he has next to him. i think instead of looking for other people's approval, we should be looking for our own satisfaction. if you like something pursue it, and become the best at it. dont let anyone ever make you feel like less. i read in this psycology book that people put other people down because they feel insecure. so when someone tries to put you down dont let them. i know this advice should be for everyone, but i feel that women need this more than men because most of the time we put ourselves down for stupid reasons, or let others put us down more frecuently than men do. im not saying every woman is like that. this article is for any woman that has ever felt like she should have demanded respect at some point. so basically all im saying is do what you like because you like it. dont accept anything other than respect. also give respect too. but most importantly value yourself.

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sweet_silent_surenity said...
Jul. 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm
You know what I think is stupid? How the phisical images on women are totally more important  in society today than that of men's. Do you ever notice how at the mall, or moreso at a fair or water park, how there are more girls that look they come from a modeling magazing than there are guys. I think this is because there was never as much pressure on the guys than there is on the guys.
sweet_silent_surenity replied...
Jul. 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm
sorry, I meant than on the girls.
star600 replied...
Sept. 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm
I completely agree with you! I wish I knew how to fix the way society views women. But what I do is dress to make myself happy not other people. I also dont like dressing like if I was half naked so guys will look at me because it doesnt feel right to me. However as long as women dress to make themselves happy, even if theyre half naked or dressed like a nun, we will be turning our backs to the social pressure.
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