Commands of the Everyday

September 6, 2009
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Sit down, and just take a breath. Yes, I am telling you what to do. Don't act so surprised. People tell you what to do everyday. You don't even realize it anymore. Just surfing on the internet is a web of commands. "Buy this." "Click here." "Watch this." They don't even have to be written or spoken commands. And we follow them blindly.

Everyday life is controlled by others. What we think, what we do. Are they really our actions anymore? With people saying how to look, talk, feel, act... Can it really be us? How can we even pretend to know who we are? When all our actions are other people's brain-childs. So who are we? the problem is, there is no way to answer this.

As long as there are magazines, television, radio, billboards, ads, telephone... As long as there are humans. Can we ever truly be ourselves? Can we even begin to know what we are like? We can't even see the fuzzy shadow of our true selves. What we'd be like without media. With people. We can't even begin to imagine ourselves.

Untrue? Take a moment to think. Look down. Down at what you are wearing. Why' you choose it? Did you think it looked good? Other people would approve? Or maybe you find it comfortable... why do you find it comfy? Have you ever stopped to wonder? To think.

Why do you eat the cereal you do? Drink the sodas, the special waters, the juices you do? Is it because of the packaging? That says "Buy me" in a roundabout yet effective way? Or because everyone else drinks it?

Like beer. If they made a beer flavored soda, no one would drink it. Hell, no one would give it a glance. No one drinks beer for it's flavor. They drink it for the alcohol. To get that buzz. To feel free. To get rid of depression. Become more social. But if society today was different, no one would drink it. Why? people wouldn't drink it for the disgusting flavor, the pounding headaches, the hangovers, the vomit mouth. It doesn't taste good going down, it wont taste good going up. People drink it to fit in. Because others do. So they can get more social for others. So silently, without saying a word, they have commanded you drink it. They need not say nothing, but the order will be processed and understood.

Like the glare from a teacher, friend, parent boss. The one that says "shut the hell up" or "stop." you understand. And you may not obey, but even your reaction to it is an effect of there command. Of their will. They don't even have to mean it, to expect it, realize whats happening. Or when you want to kiss that girl. The one you've liked forever. But you cant. What will she think? What if she rejects you? We are so focused on others wishes we don't even give ourselves our own commands. We just give other people them.

So what's the point? The little lesson? I guess you could say there is none. Why> because that would be telling you what to do. Yes, another command. So instead I will give a suggestion. Something to think about. If you wish. Next time you speak, or act think this "what do I want." It's time to realize once and for all that it is your life. and it's time to step up and take responsibility. Make your own decisions. Stop the blind following.

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smileysdeadvalentine said...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 10:11 am
finally some one that thinks like me
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