To each his own

July 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Whether it is politics or ice cream preferences I have for one some time now surrendered to one phrase “to each his own”. As almost anyone could tell you there is a time in ones life when things, life, start to understand that the world is a big scary place and everyone is not your best friend. You see that things won’t always turn out the way you expected or wanted. This great realization is what some would describe as the loss of innocence.

As I grow older and my way of thinking becomes clearer I find myself adopting the phrase “to each his own”. Now this is not to say that I don’t feel hatred or confusion at people’s choices. All I mean is that I feel in my mind that everyone has some way of reasoning with themselves. The complexity of ones mind is impenetrable. It does not matter how much you analyze or pick apart a persons mind you can never understand how they think. This is what I mean when I tell my self “to each his own”.
As an example of my philosophy, trust me when I say that I will be equally horrified as the next person when I hear of some young girl being brutally murdered. Still my exact reaction is a different story. I sit quietly lost in thought as my mother rages on in her anger accompanied by vast profanities. My mind is racing and it will not be one the poor girl. My religious beliefs put aside I have to hope that she is somewhere better than this (note my hand is waving in the air).
No my thoughts will focus on the killer. I will ponder everything that comes to mind. I’m not the kind to pawn things off on society but my mind will wonder who they were and their life and experiences. I’ll think endlessly of what caused such a violent act but never blame. I don’t point fingers, it wouldn’t help. No matter what the crime is done, the girl is dead. The past is the past. Subconsciously of course I will be thinking “to each his own”.
Its not apathy its not and accusation and its not understanding its simply accepting. Accepting that there are some very strange people in this world and unfortunate things do happen. So I guarantee you that to this day I wonder about why things happen and why they are the way they are but its like tying to comprehend the mind of another, endless and impenetrable.

The author's comments:
Life through my eyes.

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