August 23, 2009
By Josh Chapman BRONZE, Ligonier, Pennsylvania
Josh Chapman BRONZE, Ligonier, Pennsylvania
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This writing assignment is based on the concept of loneliness and what the feeling would be like to be lonely. It is a way to explore the aspects of loneliness from a teens’ perspective. This will be a modernist writing style as I try to imagine what it would be like to be a teenager living during the 1930’s American Great Depression.

Some teens experience loneliness in different ways, as in not having money to get something because there is nobody to ask, and trying to find friends but the people who they talk to do not like them. One of the best examples for loneliness would be during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. The reason I say this is because when this depression was going on, nobody could really work and if they did, they pretty much worked for nothing. So what people had to do was travel to work and if they had families, they would have to leave them because they can not take them to where they work. You are pretty much alone and it would be hard to leave someone you love behind, because you need to work and then you can’t even see your kids grow up. A lot of times during the Great Depression, teenagers would have to quit school to work to give money to their parents or even quit school to leave their families to go look for work somewhere else.

I know that it would probably be hard to go through life alone. The reason they would feel loneliness would be that they have no one to talk to and when they do talk to someone, they might be ignored. This would make a person feel isolated. Society has ideas about what is acceptable and if you don’t fit in, you are ignored. You might not dress the way everyone else does or you might have to work and not be able to play sports. If you chose to ignore people who don’t fit in with the ‘in-crowd’ just because they can’t afford to dress a certain way or do certain things, you may think its funny, but it makes that person feel hurt and lonely.

In my opinion, feeling lonely and being alone are pretty much the same thing. It is possible to feel alone within a community; there probably is more than a few who feel lonely because it is probably a whole town talking about a couple of people and talking about how ugly they are that would. It would eventually get back to those few people and they would feel that no one liked them.

There are a lot of things that cause loneliness and some of them are other people’s fault and some are the lonely persons’ fault. People who are special, smart, and are not jocks usually get lonely because they are the one that get picked on most of the time or made fun of. Our society creates this by if you are popular. You are never made fun of but everyone under them is not good enough in their book. Loneliness is most characterized on teens by breaking up with a girlfriend, not making many friends, and not being popular. If you compare the loneliness from modern day today to during the Great Depression, they are pretty close to being the same.

As a teenager, I think it would be hard to have nobody there to help me. For a teen who has nobody, I could only imagine what it would be like to always get made fun of. I know I have felt lonely at least once, but not all the time. I felt lonely and felt it was unfair for someone to ignore be because no one is perfect.

Just like I said, as a teenager’ perspective from 2009, it would be hard to feel lonely all the time. I am surprised how people who do get picked on and bullied can deal with it as long as they do. I think it’s important to let someone know when this is happening so you don’t start believing that you aren’t good enough and start hating yourself. Looking back to the Great Depression and comparing it to loneliness today, I feel that the meaning of loneliness is still the same. The teens that lived through the Great Depression went from having ripped and torn clothing and no jobs to becoming successful adults, due in part to their experiences living through the Great Depression and the life lessons they learned during that time.

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