March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

As I read this article and put together the problems and issues that have been happening in the past years dealing with immigration, I come to realize that we all have immigrated to whatever country we now live in. America is one of the most multi-racial countries ever. Immigration has become a problem because citizens have lost jobs do to non-citizen workers. While reading this article, that I can say was very well written, it also brought to my attention that other countries now are suffering because there populations have shot back up, leaving many without jobs and many homeless.
Immigration happens because families, parents, young adults want better lives, want to breathe cleaner air. When the dreams are taken away from them where do they stand? What becomes of them? Society today needs a unity, a group of people together working for what everyone wants Success in the world for not only themselves but for their families. I personally believe that immigrants who have been in another country for more than five ten years and are working hard to live they should have the privileged to live where they are at.

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