Judgment Through Society

July 16, 2009
By islandlakatu SILVER, New London, Connecticut
islandlakatu SILVER, New London, Connecticut
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What I notice just recently is how things look through the eyes of society. What many people fail to understand is the true meanings of life and the way you live it. I have just recently seen an article of judgment and of how people who are not the best looking or the skinniest of people are judged upon. What is so sad is that many people are wrongly judged. I am not here to speak of how people look but of how society has turned out to be which in my eyes are very sad and not right.
It’s not just about looks but it’s about how people are being judged for anything such as being; gay, ugly, not dressy, ugly hair, and sometimes the stupidest things that people use against others to make themselves feel good. I blame this on society and how people look at things. You can not be yourself and be liked. Many people are forced to be fake or to act another way just so society can accept them which, is, so sad. Why is it okay for a person who looks good be popular? Just like in the movie “High School Musical,” Stick with the status quo, where jocks can’t be with geeks and no one outside of their “CLIQUE” can speak to another group. What makes things like that? Why can’t you just be who you are and be damn proud of it? It is so sad how many people get judged just for the way they look or the way there dressed or even if there poor or rich. Another thing is what makes it okay for a girl to be lesbian and it’s wrong for a guy to be gay?
Like my main case on this argument is who tells people not to do or to do things like this. Who told guys what they should act like and how they should dress or even how they should look? And vise versa with girls. Since the cave-man times people have lived by how society looks at them. Who told guys and girls what they should wear? I know someone didn’t just wake up the next day and say; my wife is going to wear a skirt: that should be the new female clothing. Also who tells a guy that there not a loud to drive a convertible? That’s supposedly the girls car and guys are suppose to drive the hard top kind of cars; the trucks and big cars. You drive a convertible and you’re a guy; you are going to be judged.
Many people fail to understand how they treat each other can lead to how generations will act.
They blame the U.S. presidents for messing up our government. In the first place they were the ones that choose the president. The only thing is someone has to be blamed for it. Why is that? The president is human they make mistakes but why is it that “We the People” can not be blamed for our actions like choosing the president or any other electives for government. Yet we have to blame someone.
What the society has done to our lives and the ways we live is sad and disgraceful, and it makes it harder for people to live on this earth. No one can be live without being judged for things they do or the way they act. It is so sad and that is why I blame the society.

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