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A Dim View

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Humanity, humans, people, living breathing things. We dare to call ourselves civil when I completely disagree. People are egotists, no matter what they claim to be. Everything one does in the end is to help one’s self. Humans are still wild animals; the only difference is that we are able to tame ourselves into not thinking we are wild. We as a whole, will be our own destruction. God will not be there to help.

Egoism is defined as “the doctrine that holds that individuals are always motivated by self-interest.” Communism was found upon good intent, but used by someone who was looking after himself. United States was, once again, found upon good intent. Those leaders of the Constitution made it for us all, but gave themselves more power in the process.
Religion is based upon lies formed by a mastermind, who collaborated many stories created in the name of God, which was then used to benefit himself. The most pure are corrupt, in one way or another. No one is perfect, no one.

Selfishness is what thrives us as a whole. Although it be frowned upon, is still thriving in us all. One’s self interest and wants is what makes us push for such selfish goals. People that claim that they always do what they do for the greater good – utilitarianism – are lying. I, myself, will safely assume that these utilitarianism ideal followers are religious or of the helpful nature. To help one in a name of a religion, is doing so to up your favor within heaven. To be of the helpful nature, you do it to feel good inside, not because it’s just nice. Feeling good is what makes us push for what we believe in. No one is the perfect person, no one.

What separates us humans from animals? Brains. We are smarter than an animal, which allows us to prosper in ways unknown in the past, as we do today. But we are still animals; we are just able to tame ourselves into being “civilized” society. Those that kill are just able to brake what they’ve been taught to become a wild one once again. When we were babies, we were wild; as we grew we were tamed. Not only do we tame ourselves to not kill, we fool ourselves into this fantasy. We live in a fantasy world today, especially in America. What we have is taken for granted and will continue to do so. We are still wild; we are just able to not show it. Thus proving we have mastered a lie.

This human race has been around for more than 200,000 years. People are convinced that we as a whole will be around forever that we will adapt and overcome. But history will repeat its self, only now we have the capability of destroying the planet several times over. War is a tool of the rich and the corrupt. All is fair in war and business, as the old saying goes. A person may look good on the outside, but inside there is a beast that is ready and willing to kill on command. Due to this, we people will never live in peace; we will discriminate, we will hate, and we will forever kill.

Humanity forever will be uncontrolled no matter what the deterrents are. We as a whole cannot coop with all the atrocities that happen daily. Egoism prevails over utilitarianism. People will forever and will be like lions wild, untamed, and killing when need be and looking out for ourselves over others. We will soon end ourselves. God will only be able to look down upon us and see his failed “perfect” creation. This is our world.

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