Big Bad Braggers

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Don't you really hate it when people are bragging all the time? I think so, bragging is one of
those things no one likes, but people still do it, all the time, everyday. It is like a broken
record playing over and over "Ha, Ha I got this new toy, and you didn't," or "I win and you

I am disgusted when people brag.

Many times the result of bragging isn't good. Bragging will lose your friends, make people stop
liking you, and also people will start to ignore you. If you don't brag people will like you for
who you are, but if you do start to brag all the time people will start to treat you differently.

I am disgusted when people brag.

One key example of this is the NFL. Whenever someone scores a touchdown they will showoff and do
their touchdown dance. The leader of all of them is Terrell Owens. Would you really want to be a
kind of guy like him: always getting in trouble, no one likes him because he brags about how good he
is all the time and people start to say horrible things about him.

I am disgusted when people brag.

If someone brags it can also hurt the other people. For example if someone wins a basketball game
and the winning team starts to brag about their victory, inside the losing team feels very upset
that they lost. On top of that they have to deal with the other team yelling and screaming about
their great win, that will really drop the moral of the losing team.

I am disgusted when people brag.

Everyone brags sometime in there life but the real question is how much do you brag? Any person that
I have ever known has bragged one way or the other: but some of them brag a lot and some very
little. Most of the people that I am good friends with are those who don't brag a lot. Then there
are the ones who are bragging non stop 24/7, and those are the ones that no one likes.

I am disgusted when people brag. Normally when people brag, they are doing it to either get
attention or they are very insecure people. By this I mean people brag for attention so they can
have a chance at being "popular" and show off. They are insecure and don't feel confident
about themselves, but by bragging people feel better about themselves but it is really just making
them worse.

I am disgusted when people brag.

Now on the other hand people that aren't bragging all the time feel good about themselves. If
someone doesn't brag that means they are happy, like their life, and feel good about where they
are at in the world. They don't need any more attention then they already have and that makes
people friends with them.

I am disgusted when people brag.

Overall bragging isn't a very good tool to have. It gets you into trouble and will never earn you
anything good. The only thing is you can learn from your mistakes. If you brag and you find out it
isn't such a good thing to do (Which will always be the case) then you will know next time not to
do it. So to answer the question, don't you hate it when people brag? My answer is I AM DISGUSTED

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