The Darkness

July 6, 2009
By ManWithinTheDarkness BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
ManWithinTheDarkness BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
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Why are we obligated to go to university? My parents have always influenced me to go to school to get an education and get high grades so I would have the opportunities they never had. My father never finished school and my mom was a stereo-typical immigrant, from Sri Lanka, who always did well in school but never really had a social life. Lately I’ve begun wondering about life. Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to get a good job, get married and settle down in a suburban town with a family. Now I’m wondering if these thoughts were ever my own, or were they just another influence. I don’t believe these thoughts came from my parents though, I believe they were brainwashed into my head by society. If you could only see the things that the people around you make you believe, you would be amazed.

The path in life that a person takes is almost like a religion. They must force their own life styles and beliefs onto others around them. This has evolved over hundreds of years and I think everybody is now under one another’s control, never knowing the true person who began all of it.

For children in today’s world we are led to believe that every person is unique and are able to do anything they want, but for me it seems our path is already set out in front of us, and all our choices are predetermined. No matter what we choose, there is no possible way to think for ourselves. Our parents desperately try to lead us down the right path but I believe that there shouldn’t be any path at all. I look around my high school and I see people that are told to pick out their future, not even knowing why they are obligated to choose. A career won’t define the person they are or how they live their lives.

So I’ve decided I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to have to do anything. I don’t understand life any better than the next person but I’ve decided to go against society and conformity. Why would I do something I don’t want to do just for the approval of my parents and the people around me? I’ve decided to go against the current rather than with it. But I think the only way I will be able to do that is to experience the world, but to do that I must become a wanderer, an explorer. I want to search the world for answers, although I know I will never find them. The adventure alone will be enough to satisfy my thirst. I know it won’t be an easy journey, society ensures that, but it’s something I feel I have to do to finally end my uncertainty. Meanwhile I will have to endure this life, this darkness before the dawn. I will survive, knowing that my adventure awaits and that the dawn is inevitable.

The author's comments:
Many things inspired me to write this article, but the most influential was when i was asked what i was planning to do after i completed high school. The first thing that came to my mind was university, but then i began to wonder why these thoughts seemed so foreign as if they were never my own.

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maggot. said...
on Jul. 24 2009 at 8:22 pm
You are right, so right. This has been something I have decided upon amidst great criticism. Thank you for writing this so eloquently.

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