Respectable Citizens

January 13, 2009
By Bethany Gielecki, Hartland, WI

In a domicile complex, residents heard cries, shouting, and the slashing of the knife; but, 38 "respectable, law-abiding citizens" witnessed a murder of C.G, the twenty-eight year old that lived in apartment 82-70. The respectable citizens watched as the time elapsed, when they could have saved her life. The killer did not show any meticulous or pre-meditated planning; he left and came back three times to finish what he started.

Thirty-eight respectable citizens were witnesses to a spiteful murder, and not one called 911; all heard the lurid murder. At 3:20 am lights turned on as neighbor's watched scared; nervously thinking of how to obviate the situation.
When you can't trust your own neighbors to help you when someone is maliciously stabbing you, what is the world coming to? Obviously these neighbors cannot call themselves respectable or law-abiding.

This must all be a nightmare, to die at the hands of your neighbors. To die knowing the supposed murder did not kill you, but your neighbors had partaken as well. How lax are people becoming? How many sporadic murders must one witness to see that they could save someone's life? Maybe they were just acting rash. No. They are the murderers; but, there is not enough conjecture to include them in the murder.

What if it was their child, being stabbed in the domicile alleyway just minutes away from her apartment 82-70. They would have called the police! C.G was someone's child. The night she was killed, the neighbors shut their doors to her, leaving her to die at 3:50 am.

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How awful!!! This article is right and extremely pointed, i love your sense of right and wrong. How refreshing, in a world where so many are not strong in their values, but stupid, and lazy. thank-you.

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