January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Did you witness a crime or a murder in the process? I had not. People who commit these violent acts either had a disruptive childhood or are mentally unstable. The question is what to do in a situation if a crime or murdered occurred.

Walking through town in the midst of darkness, a crime or a murder can occur that you can see with your own eyes. A murder or crime would most likely to happen if there were lax police enforcement around the area. The event would be done at a sporadic time and place where no would suspect. If a murder obviated his victim or in the process and you were a witness to the crime the question is what to do? Do not go to the scene right away so the murderer can see you. Make an emergency phone call. No one else was a witness to this so be a good citizen in order to help the others. If you can, try to approach the scene to give any medical aid or help to the other before emergency arrives.

Cops and ambulance would arrive to the scene to do investigating. If they smell something bad, then they know there is a lurid stench of the victim who was either killed or possibly dying. As a witness to the crime, you need to conjecture evidence to the police. . Make sure that you do not say any quip remarks and show any rash evidence of yourself to have the police think of you as a suspect. Also, provide meticulous information to the police to show that you care about what happened to the other person. About thirty minutes or longer would elapse to give the police a starting point. When the police drive off from the scene to do their job, you would have second thoughts.

Would it be better to help the other person right away when the murder was still present? You can, but there could be possible consequence for yourself. If the murderer had a gun on him, you could die. If you escape from the scene, the murderer can gather information of where your domicile is located. This would not be good for you.

The best advice I can say is do not put yourself in danger. Help the person to give him or her medical aid. There is a law called the Good Samaritan Law which means you are able to provide help for the victim. If you can do that, then you are a good citizen.

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