Letter to Eve

June 24, 2009
By sanjanaforever BRONZE, New York, New York
sanjanaforever BRONZE, New York, New York
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Dear Eve,
This letter which I am writing to you is regarding the impressions you and your spouse Adam left behind, on our lives. The outcomes of your act are the various problems we are facing today. But at the same time we should be grateful to you as you are the mother of all living beings and only because of you has it been possible for us to live. I would like to mention that the high intensity of God’s curse has had a negative impact on women and their social status. Your temptation has given birth to pain, struggle and has introduced evil to the same old world which once used to be serene and a symbol of eternal peace and harmony. Your deeds have contributed to today’s injustice and because of them there is no order in the world.

Pain and struggle during the beautiful moment of giving birth? What punishment could a woman get worse than this? Being dominated and ruled over by a man all day all night? How depressing and unfortunate is this? Eve did you realize that you stole the opportunity of living in the beautiful Garden of Eden from us? It upsets me when I hear that you couldn’t control your temptation for a fruit after all. Also I cannot digest the fact that you came under the words of a sly trickster and ignored the invaluable words of God. By doing this, you have set a bad example for women. But still I am ambivalent because after all, you are the mother of all living beings and you have all the rights to teach your children good and bad. I understand that there is no point crying over the consequences of the curse, but instead we should attempt to make this spoiled world into a better one. In addition, today’s generation shouldn’t commit the same mistakes their ancestors committed.

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