The world which stands on YOU

June 15, 2009
By Rosescurse BRONZE, Skandia, Michigan
Rosescurse BRONZE, Skandia, Michigan
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Listening to the world has made me as wise as those who have walked through ten feet of snow on the way to school. I have learned only few people have really listened to every side of the story.
Opinions are the base of humantiy. its how girls go to school feeling good or bad about themselves. Its how guys have those ego's, and its how kids are raised.
I am strong minded, i think things through (but like most teens i mess up when i don't) and i listen to everyone.
Thats right, i see the news, i hear my parents, and i am taught by the educational system.
Like i hear all the time form teachers that tobacco companies should just "disapear", "Cigaretts kill". Well they do not kill. I know people in the late eighties who smoked. SMoking may cause side effects that cause death, but its not the companies fault. They don't force us ot smoke and they don't tell us it will make us live 50 years more if we smoke it. It isn't the companies fualt, it isn't the sellers fault, its OUR fault. if we CHOOSE to smoke then we are dumb to be blaming it on others. i know its hard ot make mistakes, but we can't just cause tobacco companies to "disappear". if we do, then millions of people are wihtout jobs to fee their families. I do not smoke and saying this does not make me a smoker or the next CEO of a companie that sells it.
People just never weigh the pros and cons, and if you do, then great job. The educational system can't sit there putting ideas in childrens minds that buisness is bad becuase its what is feeding us kids!
PROS AND CONS!!! People listen to a side and don't listen to the other. I don't agree wiht smoking, but i udnerstand it feeds so many families and releases stress ot those who do smoke.
Just another thing people should think of every night before they sleep.

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