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June 7, 2009
By Deanelle BRONZE, Lawndale, California
Deanelle BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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The Columbine shooting was a tragedy that no one really seen coming. In Michael Moore’s documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” he tries to prove that gun control and use in America is an issue that is not really recognized by everyone. By using the tragedy at Columbine High school, he shows his viewers that guns are just being handed out to anyone who needs them, and feels that this is how most deaths are caused. At times people feel against having any type of firearm in a citizen’s life but there are. When guns are placed in the wrong hands, catastropes are bound to happen. Anything can happen due to places where guns are gotten easily by anyone. This is an issue that the nation needs to acknowledge more. There are a number of people who might agree or disagree with Moore’s point, but his argument is true.
There are many states where guns are a normal thing that you see. For instance, in Colorado you can get a gun at a local bank by just creating an account with them. Children are raised and influenced by adults who own some kind of firearm. In this case, grown men and women are the very people teaching the young generation to use these dangerous weapons. Yes, guns are used for defense and protection, but not everyone uses them for those reasons. There are those few that may decide to kill something or someone just for the fun of it. When something goes wrong, there is always a scapegoat in the situation. There is always that one person who gets the blame put onto them. In the occurance of Columbine, a silly scapegoat was Marilyn Manson. Blaming someone for their music is unfair. It has nothing to do with peoples actions. The people who are making accusations should take a good look at their own community, and what could be the real reason as to why these weapons are being misused.
It is truly mind-boggling how the citizens of the United States pay more attention to the media and not to what is really happening in our government. The people of the media make assumptions and put their own twist on a story. People ask why it that they do this is. It is most likely that the media does not want to expose people of higher authority of their negative actions. Whether it is newspapers, magazines, or news sations, they all point out the negative of situations to put their viewers in fear. This allows the media to have the upper-hand in which they can manipulate our thoughts, and change our opinion on things. As stated in the documentary, “Keep everyone afraid and they’ll consume,” which means that people who are afraid, will do whatever they have to, to keep from being in a bad situation.
As American citizens, we have learned that our history is filled with violence, and our history leads up to why we are the way we are. Come to terms that violence as a whole is inevitable. Proof of this is in world government. Every country has a leader and commander in chief to enforce controlled violence, such as war. It is not always about guns and killing, but there is racism and ethnic segregation.
Slavery has an effect on us even today. People in general, stereotype African-Americans for being criminals, and for being known for committing crimes. Our country has a vicious past, but there are other countries out there that do also. Canada is a country that is double in size and population of the United States, yet there are very few people dying from being shot or murdered. It is hard to imagine that fewer killings occur in a bigger place. According to Americans, Canadians do not view as much violent films or television shows as much as Americans do, but yet Canadians actually do. Unlike Americans, Canadians work together as a country and help the waeker to be equal with the strong.
Guns are a necessity that some people feel like they need to have. There are always benefits from having a weapon. However, they have their disadvantages. Even though a firearm can be beneficial, it still should not be that easy to get a hold of. Weapons give you protection and it is something to defend yourself with, but it is not always the case. Yes, certain people should be able to obtain them, but that does not mean it is for everyone else other than grown individuals to get one. If guns were not so much part of society maybe then society and people would be different.

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Peregrine said...
on Dec. 18 2010 at 6:10 pm
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Canadians (at least in southwestern canada, where I live) are a lot like americans in my experience. In BOwling for Columbine, there wee a bunch of Canadians who didn't lock their doors or anything, and let me tell you it is not like that in Vancouver at least.

It's funny that so many Canadians look on americans as idiots when we try to imitate them.

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