What is fate?

June 4, 2009
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According to the dictionary, fate is something that unavoidably befalls a person. Well, that can be debated. Let’s pull it apart. Something stands for anything and everything, obviously. The possibilities for something are endless. Now, what about the word unavoidably? As in inevitable, maybe? This is the tricky part. I’m befuddled at the idea that something is unavoidable. For example, you can avoid a car accident simply by paying attention. You can avoid lung cancer by deciding not to smoke. You can avoid people avoiding you by taking a shower. There are numerous events you can avoid. We choose what we want to accomplish. Every action we take is part of a longer chain of actions leading us to our end (when I say end I do not necessarily mean our demise, I mean an end to our goals). Before I get too philosophical, let’s move on. Befalls: To happen. We might as well add on the end. Befalls a person: To happen to a person. So, what do we have? A bunch of crap if you ask me! I used to believe in fate until I realized I needed to stop relying on fate and take responsibility for my own actions. Fate is a myth for those who desire an explanation to their downfalls or an opportunity to boast their accomplishments. I desire neither. How about you?

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