The Gay Bug

June 2, 2009
By Lito Luna BRONZE, Peekskill, New York
Lito Luna BRONZE, Peekskill, New York
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Throughout the centuries of the reign of mankind, homosexuality has been present, viewed under different scopes and subsequently embraced by different arms. The Roman Empire embraced homosexuality, viewing it as a form of masculinity and male supremacy. Paganism dismisses homosexuality as natural human behavior, also very masculine in their perception. However, the introduction of the Christian Bible-and the global spread of its rhetoric-has taught us that homosexuality is an act of ultimate sin and punishable by religious decree. Since then, homosexuality has been looked down upon by civil society as an inappropriate act of self expression. Until now.

Now mind you, I am far from homophobic, in fact I support it. I have many close female friends that are lesbian and bisexual, and they are my friends not because of their orientation, but because their grounded and rounded point of view. Although I have no gay male friends-largely because the majority of local men are particularly nasty people regardless of orientation- I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Respect my space and I’ll respect yours. Simple. However I do have a major concern regarding homosexuality and that’s when its integrity is being diminished by the acts of local pretenders and mass media distributers alike.

The lesbian bug has hit Peekskill and boy has it hit hard. Of course by bug I mean a trend. A short lived one. Just like the ubiquitous colored skinny jeans you could have found last summer or the flowing pink gowns that males took a fancy to back in 2004. But here is the rub: homosexuality is not a trend; it’s an orientation, a part of somebody. A large majority of females in our school have recently donned the “Bisexual” cloak as quickly as they would have bought colored skinnys from the JV mall. What upsets me is that the large majority of these girls were all straight-as-can-be a few months ago, looking down upon and even ridiculing the girls who were truly lesbian and bisexual. Talk about hypocrisy, huh?

I interviewed two good friends of mine who happen to be lesbian and bisexual, respectively. For privacy purposes their names are being withheld. D.W. is an open lesbian and a good friend of mine. During our interview I asked her a few questions pertaining to the matter at hand:

U.S.: How do you feel about the females in our setting that are pretending to be gay and/or bisexual?

D.W.: It bothered me at first because it is a fake thing to do, but eventually I got over it. It wasn’t that serious of a matter. If they’re faking to be gay or bisexual, that’s on them. At they end of the day I am who I am. No fake gay girls are going to take away from who I am.

U.S.: Do you feel that females attempting to emulate you are taking away from your integrity?

D.W.: Not at all. If they want to be like me, then by all means let them. It shows you how special I am. But like I said, it doesn’t really affect me because I know exactly who I am… and they don’t.

I also interviewed SM, an open bisexual, about the matter at hand:

U.S.: How do you feel about the females in our setting that are pretending to be gay and/or bisexual?

S.M.: Honestly, at the moment I really could care less about what pretenders are pretending to be, but I do take offense to the false lesbianism taking place in our school.

U.S.: How do you take offense?

S.M.: I take offense because it seems that the same people who were criticizing me for being bisexual, are now the ones who are hugged up with the same sex in the hallways. It shows how weak minded our community really is and how everyone is into following fads. Are you hiding from the world or hiding from yourselves?

A question you might ask is “Why has this become a fad?” A valid question which deserves a valid response. Lesbianism and Female Bisexuality has become more and more acceptable by society and under the scope of many, even attractive. In an increasingly liberal society, lesbianism has become almost the norm. A girl coming out the closet now would hardly even draw a double take, as opposed to the 80’s or 90’s when it was completely unacceptable. No longer are lesbians social pariahs. No longer are they a shunned minority. A main contributor to this has been the mainstream media. Now unless you are a hermit or merely oblivious to the happenings of society, you must have heard of Tila Tequila - a reality TV personality who is openly bisexual - and the impact and outreach she’s had amongst teenagers. Such influence and widespread distribution throughout the media has made bisexuality “in”. “I kissed a girl and I liked it”. I’m sure you’ve heard that tune in your car or local supermarket. Katy Perry is another catalyst for the spread of bisexuality. Perry’s smash hit regards a teen who kisses another girl (despite having a boyfriend) and consequently enjoys the lesbian experience. The song topic does not particularly bother me but the widespread distribution and popularity of it seems to be reinforcing the notion that being gay or bisexual is cool. To make matters worse, Katy Perry is heterosexual. Who knew?

Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual, regardless of orientation we are all humans at the end of the day. We all have integrity, we all have an identity. When we try to emulate the identities of others (especially when theirs has been a rather controversial one for a longstanding period of time) we take away from the integrity and identity that they have established and ultimately offend them. We need to be true to ourselves and establish an identity which is truly ours, not follow a fad. Although the flexibility of our society is changing everyday, we must remain firm and hold on to our identities and morals. That is more important than a trend…and it always will be.

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on Nov. 18 2011 at 1:44 pm
SecretSasha SILVER, Cibolo, Texas
5 articles 0 photos 68 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop"

I agree with everything you said. You have a really good article, filled with a balanced mix of opinion and facts. You really threw your heart into this article, and it's well written. I like that you wrote this article, and brought awareness to this subject.

on Jun. 1 2011 at 2:53 pm
I wouldn't change it to Catholic. The Catholic Church's official stance on homosexuality is that homosexuals should abstain from sex, but that they should not be discriminated against. But the Catholic Church really believes that pretty much everyone should be abstinent, so I don't put much weight on that. Yes, some Catholics are strongly homophobic, but just as many have no problem with it. Many Protestant denominations are more discriminatory towards the LGBT community than Catholics are.

on Jul. 15 2009 at 9:17 pm
Lito Luna BRONZE, Peekskill, New York
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Yeah, i agree with the denomational inconsistency. looking back on this article now,i would change Christian in the intro to "Catholic". thanks for the feedback though! =)

Jesus_Freak said...
on Jul. 13 2009 at 8:58 pm
I love this article, it spells out exactly how I feel about the recent media glorification of homomsexuality. I only have one minor disagreement. While you did mention the fact that the large majority of Christians comdemn gays, there are a few demoninations, that, while in the minority, embrace loving, monogamous, same-sex relationships. I am a Christian, first and foremost. I am also a lesbian. Unfortunately, I was raised Lutheran, so, if I came out now, I would be kicked out of my church. I just think people should know that God is about love and acceptance, not bigotry. I do have a Teen Ink account, but I choose not to be recognized for having the views I do. Great job. :)

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