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The Not So Impossible Road to Becoming a Teen...
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As far as teenagers go, we like to think that we are the average teen. We both have our own sports and extracurriculars, take advanced classes, and work hard to be successful in our education and athletics. Leaning towards the STEM side of... (more »)
Real Cheerleaders
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What do you think of when you hear cheerleader? You think of the mean girls, smart girls, or the dume ones. You think of all the stereo types don't you? Well none of them are true to what every cheerleader is like. At my school a our cheer... (more »)
How Much Is Too Much?: A Kid's Life with...
By , Glen Ellyn, IL
Okay, if you came here to see who my crush is don't bother wasting your time, I'm here to go on my rant about homework since for once in my life I have free time. If anyone in my school reads this I want you to show this to our teachers... (more »)
Do You Like Writing?
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Do you like writing? Do you write a lot? Whatever the answers we all have different answers. I do not like writing and i do not write a lot. There are three major questions asked to people for essays about writing. They are: How important or... (more »)
Average Day of High School
By , Macon, IL
My first day of high school is a pretty average day. I have a routine everyday that I follow. I sit in the great hall and talked with friends. The bell would ring and everyone goes to their locker and get ready for class. Everyone is looking... (more »)
I'm Just a Person This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Once upon a time (and way before that), we humans have used these nifty little social conventions to group, re-group, sub-group, and un-group ourselves. From the times of serfs and knights (thank you, 7th grade history) to... (more »)
Just Be Nice!
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Bullying; a word and action we’ve all known and seen before. What’s so “cool” about it anyways? People and their clique all seem to get praised by others for putting someone else down. Why? Because they’re not into... (more »)
Pros and Cons of Joining an Exchange Program
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Students can experience learning in certain institutions in different countries by joining an exchange program. An exchange program is usually conducted by governments to reach a goal of having students with new and more open knowledge. They are... (more »)
Custodial Respect vs. Reality
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This is something that goes back to a personal conversation that I had with a custodian at my high school. This topic was brought up through our conversation about how some students had broken the faucets in the bathroom and flooded it. First... (more »)
Democratic Education: Should Students Have a Say?
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Imagine you’re at school.  A regular school.  It has a principal, teachers and students.  The students go to school each day to learn.  They are going for their education.  Yet it's not the students who decide... (more »)
System Switch
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School is such an important place. For 10 months of the year, students spend most of their days in school. Because of this, school should be fun. It should be new and exciting, yet there is barely any improvement in the school system. School,... (more »)
How Does Your School Abuse Power?
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Schools have many ways different ways that they have power over students. Some people think that schools use their power for good, but others think they use it for poor reasons. Many people who work in schools abuse their power. If a school... (more »)
How School Dress Codes Use and Abuse Their Power
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Throughout life, people are told to express themselves. Mostly in school, where teachers are meant to try to bring out each student's individual personality. If this is so, then the clothing that students wear to express themselves should... (more »)
It's All About the Mindset
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As students, we are all conscious of what it means to reach our full potential. We set high goals for ourselves and are constantly focused on achieving those goals. Striving to do well in the most challenging classes, landing the most... (more »)
Don't Be a Distracted Eater
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Have you ever used your phone or watched TV while eating? For many of us, viewing some type of screen during a meal is routine. Besides the negative health implications that distracted eating can have (such as poor digestion, weight gain, and... (more »)
Companies Abuse Their Power by Operating...
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School,  as defined by Dictionary, is an institution for educating children. According to many other dictionary resources, school is a public place where students go to learn. The origin of the word school was from the ancient greek word... (more »)
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