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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Enjoy School!
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As I head down the narrow hallway of my high school, my ears are filled with the sounds of complaints. The students around me are constantly complaining about school. Whether it be the complaints of an early rise or the recently assigned... (more »)
Should State Tests Be Used for Student Promotion?
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Do you think student portfolios should be used for student promotion instead of state test? In my many experiences I always thought portfolios should be used because whenever I take state test I get nervous and fail. So honestly I would prefer... (more »)
My Opinion on Homecoming
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Homecoming. Yeah, I know, it's one of the biggest events that goes on in high school. There are four different types of people when it comes to homecoming: the populars, the nerds, the people who just don't care, and, what I call, the fun... (more »)
Where's Our Vacation?
Custom User Avatar… The second hand ticked down the final seconds of the school year and every student sat quietly waiting for the bell to ring out releasing them into the bright sun. Everyone had plans. Some were heading to a summer... (more »)
Why oh Why Must We Wear Uniforms to School?
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Have you ever wondered if students enjoy wearing uniforms to school? For us it's the most awful thing to show up to school in. I don't agree with wearing uniforms, they can be uncomfortable, costly, and attract bullies. First... (more »)
Do It for the App
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 In high school, the students who take on a lot of extracurriculars and other activities are often labeled as “try-hards” and “overachievers.”  I’ve even heard teachers say “You’re just doing that so you can put it on your... (more »)
Are We Really Learning?
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The concept of school and education is to learn and teach children important information for their futures. We claim to prepare students for their future endeavors and to enter the “real world”. Although, the “real... (more »)
Collegiate Poisons
By , Thousand Oaks, CA
It’s not enough. We all recognize the familiar whisper that tells us we have not reached high enough, dreamed deep enough, or become unique enough. It’s a poison in everyone, and one of its favorite vacations is during the months of... (more »)
I'm Asian, not "Asian" This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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College admission officers takes a number of factors into account before coming to an informed, though seemingly random to many students, decision to either reject or accept an applicant. Every College Confidential obsessed high schooler such as... (more »)
Academic Excellence Is Not the Only Way to...
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I think that academic excellence is not the only way to achieve success in life, although human nature thinks that way. I agree , that you should have excellence in your academics it will help you to obtain the career of your dreams but is that... (more »)
But What About...?
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Ah, summer. Swimming pools and beaches and fun-in-the-sun. Carefree, happy, content. Spending June and July and August in the shade--Oh no! School's starting soon! We all know what it's like to dread having to go back to school in the fall, but... (more »)
When Education and Politics Mix
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Teachers have tough, low-paying jobs. If you think about it, they stand up there trying to balance teaching the curriculum, engaging students and providing pupils practical (useful) knowledge. I am not attempting to cast any aspersions on the... (more »)
5 Things to Know About Middle School
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Everyone knows it’s hard transitioning from elementary school to middle school – except it’s not. New middle-schoolers are almost always stereotyped as helpless little babies who can’t do anything without 24/7 protection and guidance.... (more »)
Single-Sex or Segregation?
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Picture yourself at school. Raising your hand when you have a question, writing down the homework in your planner, and taking notes on the lesson. The usual, right? Not so much. You look around and see all your classmates are male, and you are... (more »)
Too Much Homework
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Over the years, the education system for schools in North America has been improved and polished to the point where there are not many issues of dissatisfaction to be addressed. However, there is still the pressing issue of too much homework.... (more »)
Stress of the Hallways
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I don't understand it. I really don't understand how teachers, administration, and sometimes even our own parents expect us high school and college students to do so extremely well when it comes to our studies given the amount of work we get. In... (more »)
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