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Our Education System
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Education is knowledge and knowledge is key. Our education is received through the medium of a school-SCHOOL:an institution where instruction is given and this, is where our issue arouses. Cuz I sat in my Assembly Hall just before an... (more »)
Miserable Magical School Life
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On many moments of our lives , we have desperately waited for something to happen , something that we expect to be the the best thing for us. But when it happens , you don't feel a thing , you feel numb , like a person with no feelings at... (more »)
Dress Codes
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I have to say, I think that teachers should be more strict about the dress code. In my school, we've got girls wearing short short and crop tops every day. Shirts that you can see their neon bras through. Shorts so high they barely cover... (more »)
Free School Lunch
By , newark, DE
In Delaware there is no such thing as a “free lunch” for students. I know every student cant afford to have lunch everyday out the year, but every student deserved to have the option to have a lunch if wanted. No student should go a whole... (more »)
The Pledge of Allegiance
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Me and my mom were talking one day about public schools and what they teach and do there. Well are lovely government is trying to take some of the pledge of allegiance away... They want to take out "under God". Because it is offensive... (more »)
Mixed lanes
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I’ve been dreaming in my own world and I’ve come to the conclusion that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. Well, that’s half true. I know I want to be independent, but that doesn’t mean I know what I want, or does it…... (more »)
Gym Class is Not Needed for All!
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Gym class is not necessary for people who already have a lot of exercise. Having too much exercise is not healthy for your body. You can get lactic acid and get super exhausted. For example, I have physical exercise every day, and each day I have... (more »)
Why Cellphones Shoudn't Be Used In Schools
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Dear School Board: Is there something behind introducing cellphones into classrooms? While most teenagers use cellphones all the time and always have them on their person no matter where they are going they should stay out of classrooms and... (more »)
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Our Schools, Our Voice
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I want to try a little experiment. I’m a rising high school junior who wants to pursue a career in education. Right now I’m interested in education reform and policy. I want to hear your opinions on what’s wrong with education in the U.S.,... (more »)
Self-Esteem Stems From Praise
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Parents, school faculty members, and teachers do not condone praising students for unsatisfactory work because they believe that it will lead them to believe that they do not need to put their best effort into their work. However, self-esteem... (more »)
SAT Trouble
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What was the purpose of the SATs? Are they still a reasonable way to test our knowledge? The SATs were originally created to test the knowledge of high school students. This test forced most schools to adopt a common curriculum and made it easier... (more »)
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Why Kindergartners Are the Same as High Schoolers
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I am a senior in high school and I have spent the last four years observing the habits of my peers. Through my additional experience working with kindergartners I have come to the conclusion Kindergartners are the same as high school students.... (more »)
Stress of School
What makes Ivy league schools so appealing? Is it merely just the name that attracts people? Being able to say, “I went to Princeton,” or, “Yeah, I got into Brown. No big deal.” For me, it was just the name. When it came time... (more »)
The Battle for Proper Grammar
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“You’re such a nerd!” chants Emily after I gladly accept another essay to review for my peer. “At least I can use commas correctly!” I quip back at her. Goodness, some people. Nothing irks me quite like a multitude of grammatical... (more »)
SAT…What is the point of words?
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The lugubrious lethargic sloth gluttonously engulfed my body with savory slurps. I then had a quotidian life of a man replaced by a phlegmatic arboreal mammal. My past life as an urbane aesthete was demolished. The sloth could not be... (more »)
Get Up and Work
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Should learning be fun? Fun learning is when you are cooperating, communicating, moving around, interacting with others, etc. taking risks are a fun thing to do when it comes to learning, even though things may get complicated. People cherish... (more »)
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