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 The American dream is a great thing that is very difficult to define because it can have so many different meanings.  It is totally opinion based, so almost no definition is exactly alike.  People from all over the world try to... (more »)
The Act of Plagiarism: How Far Is Too Far?
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To our Frisco community and our country’s future: Is it truly a battle against one’s morals to avoid copying another’s work or the lack of enforcement of copyright laws as protection of one’s unique work? “According to 2009 survey... (more »)
Why Teens Should Travel Abroad Before College
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Most parents have a protective grip on their child until the moment they leave for college to “face the real world”. What these parents don’t know is how badly they are ruining their child. Yes, protective is good, but why do... (more »)
The Health Risks of Schools Run by Politicians
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Today, in this day and age, you would think the United States public school system would be mastered. After years and years of learning from the past and schools around the world, America should not still be considered a country of educationally... (more »)
Unjust Dress Code
 How do you think it would feel to have someone constantly telling what you can and cannot wear? That is how thousands of high schoolers feel everyday. School dress code is unjust because it limits individuality, promotes sexism, and... (more »)
We Love to Read
What do you remember most about being a kid? When I look back and think, I remember begging my dad for another bedtime story before I fell asleep. Kids love to be read to. They are so imaginative. They love to slip into a world of make believe... (more »)
Is Homework Overpowering Students Around the...
Jim Benton once said, “Homework strongly indicates that the teachers are not doing their jobs well enough during the school day. It’s not like they’ll let you bring your home stuff to school and work on it there. You... (more »)
Say Yes to the Uniforms
Many schools do not enforce school uniforms. I think it should be mandatory for every school to force uniform rules. It would make mornings less stressful for students and parents. Kids usually stress out about they wear. They think what they... (more »)
Is the SAT Important?
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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is a standardized test that high schools and universities utilize to determine a student’s readiness for college. It’s a long test, with 10 sections (1 writing section and 9 multiple choice sections) and... (more »)
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Every writer has only one rule to follow. And, no, the rule is not grammar, sentence structure…nor capitalization. If Charles Dickens and Shakespeare could bend these without spontaneously combusting, so can I. My only duty as a writer is to... (more »)
Living up to the Standards
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The only sound in the room is the click of the teacher’s heels as she allocates answer sheets for the standardized tests to every student. The little bubbles for the multiple-choice questions swim before your eyes, and you pray that you will... (more »)
Why Am I Even Doing This?
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Do you ever ask yourself this question, "Why am I even doing this?". What goes through your head when you think of that question? Especially about school and your life after school. Why do we do the things we do? Typically, people would answer,... (more »)
School Starting Too Late? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
It’s 6am. The loud tone of your alarm slowly enters your ears before you wake up. Your eyes don’t seem to want to open, however the alarm keeps playing until you're forced to get up and shut it off. Now that you’re up, all you want to do... (more »)
Breaking Down Standards
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My face felt like it was being engulfed by fire as I sat quietly leaning back in my chair. The teacher methodically paced up and down the seemingly endless rows of desks like a predator stalking her prey. I could not hear the usual screeches of... (more »)
Why Meditation Should be Required in High Schools This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Blacklick, OH
The schedule of the American teenager drowns him; it demands daily triumph, and these achievements weaken the limbs until they can no longer keep afloat. According to the APA, young adults are now the most stressed age group. The surplus of... (more »)
Extra Time on Finals
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"The list for the classrooms hosting extra time will be posted on the bulletin board.  You can ask the front office if you don't know if you're in extra time." our Head of High School announces during morning meeting.  We all stand there... (more »)
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