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The Dancer That Never Danced
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Dear Mr Fillinger,   In my play “ The Dancer That Never Danced “ , a  relationship between a mother and her daughter turns into a hatred disaster . Rio a seventeen year old girl who had been dancing her entire... (more »)
Decrease College Tuitions
College tuitions are one of the biggest money problems in the world and that is a well-known fact. Within just the recent years of 2013-14, tuitions are about $22,826 for just public colleges. Imagine how expensive private schools will be.... (more »)
Obesity is a Disease
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People are judged daily for being “too chunky” or “pudgy and plump”; if you ever do this, consider the fact that obesity is a disease that affects people universally.  National Institutes of Health reveals,... (more »)
Standardized Testing: Expedient or A Waste of...
Students come in at a groggy 8 am, they all put their phones in a large plastic bin and their backpacks against the wall. They sit in assigned seats in a different classroom with a different teacher. They then stay in that seat for 3 hours, not... (more »)
Gun Control
A lot of people own a firearm or have one in their house. And a big majority use their firearms for a bad use like murdering people. Most people just own a gun because they think it is “cool” to own a gun. And they show it off to... (more »)
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A Good Life in High School
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In order to have a good life in high school, you have to be passionate about something in high school. Your 4 years in high school are some of the most important years of your life. You can practically be passionate about anything. I’m... (more »)
Career Decision
By , Shenzhen, China
“Mom, I’m going to choose Art as my major.” “No, you can’t. You will regret it! I’ve already chose a job for you. You have to take finance. That’s it.” Several conversations similar to this usually ensue repeatedly in the... (more »)
McCarthy's The Road Discovered
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"He made his way down through the ruins of an old apple orchard, black and gnarly stumps, dead grass to his knees. He stood in the door of the barn and listened. Pale slatted light. He walked along the dusty stalls. He stood in the center... (more »)
Fresh Start
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My first steps Into the open air The wind blowing my hair As the wind howls with happiness I am free No longer a child but an adult A girl who has just taken those few steps on her own Freedom feels great They say that it is... (more »)
Textbooks vs Tablets
Old fashioned textbooks have been used for centuries. Thousand of textbooks used in elementary, middle, high schools, in colleges, med school, for about any subject from reading to math to science textbooks. Basically, all schools have some... (more »)
Dress Codes Are Unfair
Dress codes are unfair, targeted towards girls, and body shame young women. Fifty-three percent of teenage girls report that they are already unhappy with their body, so why would schools make teenage girls feel bad about showing a little skin.... (more »)
Are Dress Codes Really A Problem? Yes They Are
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Have you ever heard guys say “dude, that bra strap is so distracting” or “why is she wearing short shorts it’s taking me away from the learning”, is it really a distraction or is that just what you make it out to be? We’re teenagers,... (more »)
Is Pizza a Vegetable?
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In early 2011, Obama’s presidency and areas of concentration started to focus on the rising epidemic that is childhood obesity. This new program swept across nation’s schools and deliberately made an effort to clean out junk food... (more »)
Dear Parents: A Teenager's Rant
By , Tokyo, Japan
It is without regret that I have exerted the time and energy that I will have on what is currently a nearly blank sheet of what we call “paper” on this pixelated screen. For the things that I intend to communicate to the future... (more »)
Homework Argument
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Many students struggle with homework and many students would ask “why do I have to do homework?” Homework is a subject of much discussion. Homework is to check your lesson where you are now, so that the teacher will know your... (more »)
PARCC: Person Against Required Crude Curriculum
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We’ve all heard about PARCC and Common Core over the past year. States, under pressure by the federal government, are adopting these standards and tests. PARCC and Common Core are bunched together in this article since they both came at... (more »)
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