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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Unity Through Uniforms
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Clothing and materialism have become extremely important in today’s world, and can result in prejudice and judgment, especially among children. This is why I believe that school uniforms should be required at every school campus, in order... (more »)
Bland Uniformity
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There’s been a debate at my School in Delaware.  I believe that this debate is falling upon deaf ears of the people who are supposed to monitor our education.  These people, I believe, are not doing their job correctly. ... (more »)
Rant on our Current Education
Recently there has been quite the hubbub in central Florida school system about the half-cent tax and frankly it was pointless. What's the point of funding a system that doesn't work? I mean yea having AC units that work and buses ( Oh... (more »)
Why Education Is Important
Education is essential to succeeding in life today. Education is important because it leads to more job opportunities and a wider choice of jobs. It’s also connected with job satisfaction. It is important because it helps develop new... (more »)
The Plague Afflicting Modern Education
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The clock reads 1:02. My class full of seniors has only half its students present, and the tardy bell will ring in less than a minute. The teacher is worrying the rest of his students won’t show up. All of the sudden, I hear a stampede.... (more »)
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Why We Should Study Tupac in School
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 Since elementary I've learned and studied heroes revolution; Fidel Castro ,Che Guevara, Martin Luther King , Shakespeare . Yeah , I know they're wonderful role models ,but why not study some one I have a greater chance of becoming... (more »)
School Bathrooms Are Actually Good
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The most horrific thing man kind has ever created is the atomic bomb. The second most horrific thing is the public restroom. Public restrooms are completely disgusting; they smell of rank sewage, and with one step inside anyone’s eyes... (more »)
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Every school has its variety of couples ranging from the quintessential quarterback and cheerleader to those that aren’t as common and some that are just plain weird. There is not just one set type of high school couple; every... (more »)
The High School Hierarchy
Like pubescent butterflies emerging from the outgrown, claustrophobic confines of their middle school cocoon and all its banal inhabitants, young, incoming high schoolers face the daunting task of fitting in (or not). Among the myriad of varied... (more »)
How well do you know your opponent?
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Anybody can fight to a certain extent, but there are several different types of fighters. In order to know how to defeat each type, one must understand the differences should they ever be faced with one. Some train and are ready for a fight at... (more »)
School Dress Codes
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Every school has a dress code, some dress codes require all students to wear a school uniform. Others do not. Unfortunately,  my school does not have a dress code that requires all students to wear a uniform. Honestly, students will get... (more »)
At my high school we study Tupac to get a better understanding of him. Most adults think that we should not study Tupac; also that he is too violent for us. Personally I think that they are all wrong they are thinking about the angry side of... (more »)
Pop Your Bubble
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 I have to get to my locker. Was that essay due today? Crap. Hey, jerk, don’t bump into me! The nerve of some people. Do I have enough time to go to the bathroom? Probably not. When did my chemistry teacher say the test is? Friday?... (more »)
Mad at Math
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Day after day I sit in my second period class, constantly glancing backwards at the clock hoping it will advance faster. My teacher stands in front of the class droning on and on about some tenuous type of algebra that makes absolutely no sense... (more »)
Standardized Testing: What Does It Really Measure?
You enter the classroom slowly and quietly, feeling a rush of adrenaline as you take each heavy step. You sit on an ordinary wooden desk; the surface feels as cold as ice. The teacher then reads a set of instructions in a monotonous, robotic... (more »)
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Let's Graduate
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Senior year is the most annoying thing in the world. It takes me on this little emotional rollercoaster. Let us address this whole application situation. When you think about it applying to colleges are not that hard. You just have to sit down... (more »)
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