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Why We Should Have Nap Time in School
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If you think about it, school is backwards. When we are in preschool, we are forced to take naps in school even though nobody wanted to. But now that we want to take a nap in school, they don’t let us. When I was in preschool I tried... (more »)
Why High Schools Should Start Late
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When I moved to Mason, OH, I learned that high school start time here is earlier than high school start time in the place that I moved from. It was mind blowing. I really love to sleep and I don’t want to wake up early. It will be also... (more »)
By , arlington, TX
Believe in your dreams. That's such a broad statement. Imagine, you're fresh out of highschool, you have a 3.8 GPA, and big dreams. You want to become a neurosurgeon, you know this path won't be simple at all, but you're willing... (more »)
Fiction Books Banned
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This morning, Ms. Sholtes tricked her class into thinking staff placed a new rule forcing students to only read non-fiction books. She took away all fiction books from students. Ms. Sholtes claims the school board did this “to enforce the... (more »)
Birthday Lockers
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Throughout the school year, students enjoy decorating other students lockers for their birthday. Most students do this either before or after school so when the person shows up at their locker they feel appreciated and loved because of the... (more »)
Teacher's Salaries
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Many Americans assume that school teachers are to blame for their children’s poor education. Most parents fail to realize that in order to have teachers who are willing to put time and effort into their jobs, they will need to be... (more »)
Desks, Chewing Gum, and Monsters Among Men.
By , milford, IN
Pencil marked desks with scuffed and cracked corners. Indented pencil holding divots line the upper centers, inners lined with pen and pencil. The long strange—oblong indents—marred by bored deviants, long since graduated. Along with... (more »)
The Theory of Living
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I know it seems tempting, but even if the people we have loved and lost are up there with you right now, What about the family that you still can love, were down here, needing you. I thought the same, what if i could give in and be with... (more »)
Do What You Love or Love What You Do?
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Probably the most common problem among we teens these days is- who should we listen to? our parents or our heart? Parents wish for our safe future, successful life and our heart wishes for our happy life, sustainable job. This dillema is no less... (more »)
10 Things I Learned My First Week of High School
By , Washington, DC
Within my first week of high school I have learned ten fairly crucial things. 1. For the next four semesters I will without a doubt to any upperclassmen always be known as a "f***ing freshman" No matter how properly and... (more »)
The Why Game
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The why game. A thing that young children will often do purely to annoy their parents. Yes, it's annoying, and tedious. Children use it all the time. And adults should use it more often.    The why game can be useful for loads of things.... (more »)
Ode to the New Kids
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I'm shaking now. Like some addict in desperate need of a cigarette. I'm fumbling with my phone and I can't see cause these damn hall lights are too bright and my screen brightness is all the way down. I'm flying down the staircase, half reminding... (more »)
We regret to inform you... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Oakley, CA
The sting of rejection still lingers in the air. It reminds me that I am not good enough, it reminds me that I am not worthy of such an opportunity. To move on from this glorious defeat take perseverance. "Where do we go from here?", that is... (more »)
Should We Have Dress Code?
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Collared shirts, belts, khakis. Does this ring a bell? If not, let me remind you... dress code. As a student in grade eleven and being in dresscode since first grade, I think dress code is a good idea, to an extent. I believe that the rules... (more »)
Physical Education for Disabilities
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As a student with cerebral palsy, physical education was definitely hard for me to keep up with typical students. In my point of view, I couldn't stretch, do jumping jacks, and other exercises that other students were accomplishing. I felt... (more »)
Results Day Pressure
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Can your intelligence really be shown on one piece of paper? Yes, find out on results day Can all my future hopes and dreams be shattered in one day? Yes, find out on results day Can I never become employed because I failed English and... (more »)
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