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College Athletes Should Be Paid
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Outstanding college athletes have the opportunity to attend higher education on a scholarship and it is their superb play in the field, on the court, rink, or in the pool that has given them their edge. College athletes are the reason a... (more »)
Starting Later to Do Better
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With a new generation should come new changes. In politics, we’ve accomplished that, electing Donald J Trump for our new president. In religious views, as we as a planet grow richer, we grow more secular. But what should change the most is... (more »)
Moving Past the Boundaries of Your Grade
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In highly competitive high schools throughout the world, grades are a prime factor in how we as students distinguish ourselves from each other. The separation between the A’s and the A plusses draws a distinct line in how you feel about... (more »)
Why We Don't Like School
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Are you a teenager, and do you hate going to school? Do you always complain the night before about how much you don’t want to go? Are you always counting down the seconds until the last bell rings? But the real question is, why? Why do we... (more »)
Importance of Failure
By , Phoenix, AZ
I can relate to Bella M.'s article ,"The importance of failure". The idea of failing does not mean your dumb or unfit to be smart. The truth behind it is,"People fail because they're not ready" to face what life... (more »)
Should the Words “Under God” Be in the...
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God. Who is God? Is God male or female? Is his/her name God or is it something else? How many Gods are there? All of these questions, but nobody to answer them. Who knows for sure if there even is a God? All of this mystery and still so much... (more »)
Prison for the Innocent
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The doors are shut and we are locked in every morning at 8:45. We are forbidden to use the restroom without an escort. We are bound by strict rules- told what to do, what to eat, what to wear, how to act. Monitors must watch us eat, because... (more »)
Are Advanced Placement Courses Necessary?
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Introduction The educational system has been evolving over the last few decades. With concepts like Honors, Pre-AP, AP and many more, students are left speculating: What should I take? Is the extra work worth it? Will this even help me?... (more »)
Mrs. Skinner
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Two years ago, I remember walking into my homeroom class anxious to meet my new seventh grade teacher. As I entered the room I knew this teacher was going to be special. Mrs. Skinner greeted me with a smile and respect. At the time I could tell... (more »)
Educator of the Year
I think Mr. Lyons should get the Educator of the Year award because he is a great assistant principal. In my opinion, I think he would be a great principal. He cares for the students, and he does everything he can for them. He treats everyone... (more »)
Hands On
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Have you ever wondered how a student can learn better. If you are like most people you might say "yeah." Well there is a way to learn better and it's quite simple. There is some students that really don't understand what their... (more »)
Two Drastically Different Social Ideals Seen in...
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The manufacturing of the most useful weapon in the modern world varies from place to place after thousands of years of separation between cultures, specifically the East and the West. This weapon would be knowledge in information in school... (more »)
Students Need More Sleep
By , Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
After managing to finish school, academies, and the piles of homework, students fall asleep far more later than when an average teenager is supposed to. So, why should only kindergarteners get nap time? In my opinion, middle and high schoolers... (more »)
Bullying's Effects
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Bullying is happening everywhere in the world today, in every school. I know it sounds crazy but it's correct. Bullying is something that can't just go away completely and even if you try to make it vanish, it’ll take a while.... (more »)
A Forerunner of Health
By , Sacramento, CA
The 2014 film “Fed Up” is an American documentary that advocates against the current eating habits of Americans. It predicts that in the next two decades, ninety-five percent of all Americans will become obese.  Due to the... (more »)
The Resurrection of Home Economics This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Adolescents today are left to find their way through the labyrinth that is nutrition. Being forced to observe the tastiest items in front of their eyes, while being told they lead to diabetes and obesity, or having to choose between what is the... (more »)
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