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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

By , Cannon Falls, MN
Most people when they hear someone say “I want to go to a good college” they assume, “oh he must be really smart and have high hopes for the future”. I guess people could say that for me, but not for the typical reasons... (more »)
Single-Sex Education and Its Effects
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Have you ever wondered why boys and girls behave so differently? As a child, it seems as if the opposite gender is an entirely different species – especially when the boys are shooting spitballs and rough-housing around, while the girls... (more »)
Reading and Writing Not Reading and Typing
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Online education is beginning to become very popular in the United States. Schools (such as mine) are starting to use Google classroom instead of a notebook or paper worksheet. Google classroom allows students to send copies of worksheets to... (more »)
These Broken Eyes
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Every morning millions of teens across the world wake up to get ready for the day ahead of them. Some kids get ready for school and some kids get ready to go to work to help their family with payments. I have realized that not all is what it... (more »)
I Pledge What?
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Every morning, millions of children wake up, have breakfast, and prepare for school. They walk into school, possibly excited, but more likely begrudgingly dragging themselves out of bed five minutes before the first bell. They go to their... (more »)
Not Just a Teacher
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An amazing teacher is hard to find, none the less when you find one they stay in your heart forever. Teachers are so much more than just our personal homework suppliers, but so much more than that. Seventh-Eighth grade Palm Desert Charter... (more »)
Wake Up, American Education System!
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The whole point of school is learning, right? We stay up late to make sure our homework is done or to put finishing touches on various projects we may have, but students also have to remember to take care of our social needs so we don’t always... (more »)
I Can't Decide On An Outfit and You Want...
By , solon, OH
Teenagers are very fickle. One minute we are sweet as can be, the next, we want to bite someone’s head off. We are underrated and most of the time, our behavior is explained by “phases”. We are ignored, and then yelled at because we want... (more »)
Wellness Weekend
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Stress, according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary can be defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Stress is also something that could be defined as... (more »)
Where Am I?
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I find myself in an inexplicable position. I do not where to proceed, and I certainly find looking back painful. What should one do in such situations? Am I to stop? Or am I to keep moving forward? My teachers no longer give me stickers... (more »)
Homework Helpers and School Savers
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Schools across the country are adapting to the new idea of the “One to One” program, which “refers to academic institutions, such as schools or colleges, issuing each enrolled student an electronic device in order to access... (more »)
The One to One Initiative
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Every once in a while, it is brought to the public eye how technology is the future of education. We are told how textbooks will soon be removed from the school environment, and how even the use of printers will be minimized. But what are we... (more »)
The Menace of Standardized Testing
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Since the signing of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2002, standardized testing has drastically increased in schools all around the United States. However, the accuracy and benefits of standardized testing are questionable and there is the... (more »)
Steer Clear of BFF
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College is a new experience where I'm able to meet a new group of friends, and flourish in an unfamiliar enviroment. But, for some reason I want to stay away from my friends from back home. Don't get me wrong, I love but friends but it's time to... (more »)
What is American Perspective?
Dear America, I am an African American 16 year old growing up as a minority in suburbia and I have something to say – from my experience – about the reading curriculum of my school. Before I state my principle issue, I will come out now to... (more »)
The School System
The public educational school system is bullcrap. School defines your future based on the biases and preferences set forth by politicians and corporations. One may say school teaches the skill working through difficult situations. While this is... (more »)
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