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Happiness Helps Education
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Have you ever felt stress? Depression? Or had suicidal thoughts? In the university of Yale,  students had to lose some of their free time and happiness to gain some admission to the school. Having them lost their happiness students are... (more »)
The Value of Life
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What is life? Great question, too many answers. How much value a simple word has as life. Although many of us do not know and do not understand with that attitude that has value, we know that it is one of the most important things. It makes me... (more »)
What Does it Mean to be a Global Citizen?
By , kirtland , OH
I think we don’t need to spend money at all to get a good start on exposing students to what it means to have global awareness! Global awareness is literally what it says, to be aware of the world and events in it, but it’s also so... (more »)
Stealing the Core of Education: The Arts
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For many students, including myself, the art and music periods in school are greatly treasured. Learning a new song, finishing a painting, performing to friends - these are usually the daily highlights for many young students. Unfortunately,... (more »)
Video Games Over Textbooks
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Since the beginning, this form of entertainment was always associated with poor academic performances, misconduct, because it had promoted laziness or violence. However, several recent studies had proved this connection between video games and... (more »)
Hard Work Pays Off
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High school can be really tough, between school, after school activities, SATs and the drama that is bound to happen, it can be very overwhelming. Personally, freshman year was the hardest. The school was so big as were the other kids and the... (more »)
Homework: Helpful or Useless?
By , Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Homework has been a hot potato between all youngsters and adults. A portion of people say that students nowadays have more than enough homework to deal with, while others say that homework is necessary for certain reasons such as that students... (more »)
Class Sizes Matter A Lot
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I think that schools nowadays have too many students in classes, especially public schools and this is causing major issues not to schools in the United States but potentially to schools in any and every country in the world. Larger sizes prove... (more »)
Best Human
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When I think of best teacher or best person, the first image that come to my mind is that of Mrs. Stein-Jackter. She is not my favorite teacher because she gives me good grades or teaches good. Rather, the best feature of Stein is that she acts... (more »)
Educator of the Year
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I remember eight months ago as I anxiously awaited my new schedule for junior year, and I wondered like every other kid my age if I would have a “good teacher.” Luckily as it turns out this has been my favorite year yet; all my teachers have... (more »)
The "Everywhere and Nowhere" Lifestyle
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Raising me as a third culture kid or TCK is one of the greatest gifts my parents have ever given me. Third culture kids are defined as children raised in a culture other than either of their parents’. My father is German and my mother is... (more »)
Women Don’t Care to be a Part of Your Silly...
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Dear Engineering Community, It is peculiar to me that people still wonder why women are still largely underrepresented in STEM fields. Really, it is not too hard to comprehend why STEM is lacking women if you take a peek into several... (more »)
IB: Is It Worth It?
The International Baccalaureate is a programme that takes course throughout the last two years of high school. Some people might say that this programme may open many doors for you, university wise. Throughout the courses, students learn research... (more »)
The Arts are as Equally Important as Core...
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When I was in seventh grade, my band teacher was out with an illness for almost a month of our one semester long band class. During the time we had a sub that wasn’t familiar with music. Instead we ended up doing other work in class that... (more »)
The Best of the Best This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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On my first day of school, 6th period, I face with a man who called himself “Dr.K.” I could feel his enthusiasm, determination, and energy to expand our knowledge; it wasn’t just about what he was teaching, it was the way he... (more »)
I Have a Dream... to Sleep
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A study conducted by National Sleep Foundation found that 60% of children under the age of 18 complained to their parents that they were exhausted during the school day. According to their parents, 15% of those kids fell asleep during class.... (more »)
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