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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Let Us Be Uniorm
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Imagine you were being bullied, and it suddenly stopped. Imagine going to school proud and confident without the fear of being judged on your style. An adjustment to your schools dress code could put an end to your problems and make all of your... (more »)
Home Work or No Work?
Remember that time when you got home, wanted to relax but you knew you had a ton of homework. So you got out your backpack and nice sharp pencil. You start your homework, finish some of it and have to go to soccer. You go to soccer, get home,... (more »)
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Standardized Tests
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What if you were in a class that was to easy or too hard for you? That is what standardized tests are for. They help to place kids in classes that help them the most. Standardized tests also help to see how much kids know by testing them on... (more »)
Islam, and the Different Views
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In the islamic world people behave under very strong beliefs and influences of a religious figure in this case Allah.  Woman are raised in a outrageous racist society where they are abolished by mens doctrine. It tries to make women... (more »)
With or Without It, Still Women
By , Bogotá, Colombia
One thing that struck me about the role of women in islam is how they are obligated to wear a hijab. A hijab is a piece of cloth used to cover a woman's head. This head piece is a way for men to control women. It can also be seen as a way of... (more »)
The Effects of an Early School Start
There are many challenges with school, things like waking up early enough to get there on time is a problem for many. For one getting up at 6 in the morning is difficult for many young adults. It has many effects on kids things like, getting an... (more »)
Homework in School
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Lets be honest homework isn’t the something you get excited for when you wake up in the morning. Homework just isn’t fun and it dosnt matter the reason homework just isn’t rally fun. Homework is supposed to be a practice... (more »)
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During a creative writing class, a kid was making fun of another kid because he was African American. The African American kid asked for help, but no one would help. The teacher just kept telling him to do his work. After a while, I had had... (more »)
The M.U.R.I.C.A Project
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  Although we stretch from sea to shining sea, the United States has not quite achieved perfection.  It is not difficult to see that we have a problem in our country. Although the U.S. has come very far in its few years of existence, there are... (more »)
School Isn't the Problem
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I love siting down in the cold seat as the bell rings for class. I love taking notes while the teacher rambles on for a mere hour. I love the feeling of writing a test because I know I have study well and I understand each and every question.... (more »)
What Will You Have at the End of Your Life?
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In today’s world, people are following the rapid trend of life and tend to forget its value. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. I used to choose things which are easy for me, and by all means, I have to make them come true. However,... (more »)
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Okay my post begins with a math problem. Here like this: If I sell one orange would be 7usd, how much money i will get after selling 100 oranges? A. 500usd B. 700usd C. It can not be determined Easy, right? You probably may say the... (more »)
Middle School
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I learned middle school is worse than I thought. Not because of homework or teachers, but because of some of the people. I learned that boys and girls were being judged on their looks and not their personalities. I learned that to many people,... (more »)
What We Need: Cabbage With College Degrees
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     As everyone knows, it is very important for students to be well rounded. They must advance to the highest level of study in all academic subjects, no matter how trivial these classes may be. Their class schedule must contain... (more »)
Asian ( Vietnamese)’ education
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I hope nobody would offend after reading this, but if you do, they are just my thoughts. I have the freedom to speak up my mind and I am happy to hear what do you really think and why you oppose it. I have discerned the education and schooling... (more »)
Unearthing Your Own Balance
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We’ve all experienced those seemingly endless school nights, filled to the brim with exhaustion and pure indifference. Sitting at ones desk, attempting to stay awake and alert whilst doing homework, but not being able to abstain from the sweet... (more »)
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