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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Too Much Homework
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Over the years, the education system for schools in North America has been improved and polished to the point where there are not many issues of dissatisfaction to be addressed. However, there is still the pressing issue of too much homework.... (more »)
Stress of the Hallways
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I don't understand it. I really don't understand how teachers, administration, and sometimes even our own parents expect us high school and college students to do so extremely well when it comes to our studies given the amount of work we get. In... (more »)
Looming Fears of a College Applicant This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 Ever since I was eight years old, the one thing I knew I look forward to was going to college. I was eight years old when I began working my ass off to ensure I would get the most out of my education and get into a college I want to go... (more »)
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As a mere low-class peasant, I think I’ve grasped the fundamentals of my life. Go to school and get an education, go to college and get at least a bachelors degree, and then finally with my degree that makes me look somewhat smart ( But... (more »)
How Does Stress Make Students Struggle?
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What’s stress? Stress is something you can’t touch or see, but you can definitely feel it. Stress can be caused by many things like homework, projects, essays, and finals etc. Sometimes stress isn’t caused by school it could... (more »)
Students Need More Sleep
By , Sacramento, city, CA
Students who get a lot of homework sleep very late and the next morning they can’t wake up to go to school or they either just sleep in and don’t come to school. Students who go to school usually have trouble falling asleep in class... (more »)
Desk Party
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 It was the morning of April 17, 2011 it was a full class today which was unusual. Before recess class was never full. “Okay class let’s have a great day today we have a whole watermelon today. How awesome?” Mrs.... (more »)
Rough Experiences
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Have you ever been put into a position where you didn’t understand a language? Ever felt desperate to know what’s going on? Well new comers to the United States feel the same way they come to The United States to get a better... (more »)
BOOM Is the Shock
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“Gimme my paper back James!” I yelled at him as I tried to reach for my papers. “Fine, I’ll just use yours.” I snatched his papers from his desk. “ OK OK!” Handing it back slowly we exchanged papers giggling quietly as the... (more »)
Stuck in the Motion
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 Troubles of being a student, it’s the fact that an average teenager accomplish 6 hours of schools, 3-4 hours of sports or extracurricular activities, 30 minutes for dinner & about an hour spent on homework. Within a 24 hour... (more »)
Should Students Get Paid for Good Grades?
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Students shouldn’t get paid for having good grades in school there are a lot of reasons why students shouldn’t get paid for grades. One reason is because the kids are going to be so used to being paid in middle school and high... (more »)
Disabled Kids
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Have you ever thought about the things a special ed student goes through a day? How they are constantly separated from the rest of the kids in the school.  But some special students can have natural features. They can be average everyday... (more »)
Tough Times
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In your opinion, what is the real reason why people struggle with school?   Many people can agree that there is a lot of reasons why they struggle with school, but if you really think about what is the real reason why people... (more »)
Why Uniforms?
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 I believe that school uniform is very unnecessary.Uniform is one a waste of money.But,many people may disagree with me.For example,according to the article “Should Students Have To Wear School   Uniform”proponents... (more »)
I Don't Care
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How does restorative justice make an impact on students? It makes a greater impact on students because the process is ran by students. When youth gets in trouble by teachers they don’t care I know I sure didn’t.  ... (more »)
21st Century Teachers
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This content contain some bad comments about teacher, this is specifically for teachers who are not actually teachers but just making the honorable profession a huge money making profession. Of course every teacher is a common human and... (more »)
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