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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

When I Lost My Grandparents
By , Brownsville, OR
Everybody will experience the loss of their grandparents at some point. Everybody will handle their grandparent’s death differently; some might take it really hard some might not. When I lost my grandparents, I didn’t go to school... (more »)
Should Computers Replace Textbooks?
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Many people think that computers should replace textbooks because they are cheaper. However, I believe that computers should not replace textbooks. Computers shouldn’t replace textbooks because using computers decreases concentration,... (more »)
I Believe
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I Believe. I believe in the power of the pursuit of knowledge.          I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember. During my schooling I have been mocked for my desire to... (more »)
Mandated Classes
Everyone in school has a class they don’t like. I’m here to ask a question. Why is this? Why do we even have to dread going to class? Why do we think its just okay? And more importantly, why has nothing changed? We all... (more »)
Do Test Scores Really Show How Smart Someone Is?
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Do test scores really show how smart someone is?  Do they really show how intelligent a person is and how well they do in class?  Well, to start off, my grades suck, my test scores suck.  But somehow, when I get the homework and... (more »)
The Imperfections in the College Admissions...
As a sophomore at a small diverse private school in Memphis, Tennessee, I have seen about 176 seniors complete the college admissions process. Although, all of the students in my high school are very different, I cannot think of one student who... (more »)
A Necessary Evil
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School. When you start it is feels easy although as you get older it becomes a living hell! I mean trust me, I go through it about every day! When it comes to school there are no real strategies, tricks or tips that you can get from your family,... (more »)
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 Happiness is a strange thing that many people see differently, and they also choose to believe what makes up their happiness. I believe that happiness is internal, with a bit of external, materialistic things, and that one can choose to... (more »)
The Dark Knight
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 Since elementary I've learned and studied heroes revolution; Fidel Castro ,Che Guevara, Martin Luther King , Shakespeare . Yeah , I know they're wonderful role models ,but why not study some one I have a greater chance of becoming... (more »)
Teachers from Hell
By , Wilmington, MA
Teachers are bats from hell. They fly violently into your life, screeching in your ear, and leaving you emotionally destroyed. Don’t get me wrong, not all teachers are fun-sucking satists. Some will always be willing to help you out with... (more »)
It's Just High School, Right?
EL PASO, TX— Every day is a new adventure for self-professed high-school superstar Ivy Lang, a junior at Midland High School. The sixteen-year-old declared on Monday that she is “happier and more fulfilled than ever” from... (more »)
Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow.
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There are both pros and cons when it comes to procrastinating schoolwork until the very last minute. Some students may argue both sides, good and bad, but the question still remains technically unanswered. However, there is clearly a superior... (more »)
School Eduction- Opinion
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I think it's important to get a good education in school and try your hardest, and I've always thought this. Getting higher grades and passing tests is important but I also think that you shouldn't stress on getting straight... (more »)
Dress Code Violations
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I am a female just on the cusp of turning 18. I have spent my years as a minor being regarded as a sex symbol by the public school system in my town.  I have been taught that my body is something to be ashamed of, and that I should cover... (more »)
Revised AP US History “Framework”
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The Advanced Placement United States history high school course has been the topic of major controversy over the last few weeks. The College Board has created a new “framework” for the course that many people argue is anti-American... (more »)
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Happiness: Does it come from the outside? Happiness comes from both yourself and also other people. I think it mostly comes from yourself because life has a lot to do with decisions that you make. I can either overreact to something and... (more »)
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