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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Educator of the Year
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Mrs Shana Haden is a shining example of an educator and role model. Mrs Haden teaches four different types of curriculum and three different class levels between 8th grade english, 11th grade honors, and AP literature courses. Over this past... (more »)
Is Homeschooling Effective?
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Many students each and every day are pushing through the day at school wishing they could understand clearly. They feel that they aren't being taught in a way that suits them and that they are being left in the dust to figure it out for... (more »)
Art Class is Needed in Schools
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Imagine a world without art, no paintings on the walls, no art museums, no music playing in your ears, decreased creativity, no bright beautiful buildings, not even on the inside. A world in black and white. Some people believe that art... (more »)
Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements are getting stricter and stricter allowing students less space for electives in their schedules. These requirements are mostly expanding areas like Science, Math, History, and Business. These areas are very beneficial,... (more »)
Grading Teachers
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There's at least one in every school; an inefficient teacher. Students say they are boring, they don't explain anything. But no one ever listens; the imperfect teacher never changes and the students voices are lost in the clouds. Some people may... (more »)
Teachers Today
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My purpose in writing this article hopefully will allow the American public to see the importance in supporting education and teachers. I come from a long line of educators starting with my grandmother, my great aunt, my parents, and now my... (more »)
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To students everywhere:          Stress: everyone experiences it, some more often than others. One thing's for sure. Stress is not worth the time of day. It’s time to take your daily anxieties and toss them out the window. So... (more »)
School Lunches
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Michelle Obama has finally managed to put more nutritious lunches in the school system, but kids are revolting against the improved lunches. One of the reasons is the nutrition. The lunches are supposed to enrich us, to help us, and to make us... (more »)
Sweetening the Deal
When a teacher gives treats does it actually motivate students to answer questions? I asked a few students if they agree with teachers giving out candy to increase the number of hands going up to participate, and a majority are positive that it... (more »)
Teacher Troubles
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We all have THAT teacher. You know, the one that no one likes and has zero clue as to why they are still around. The reasons are endless. "She's mean." "He talks to loud." "She is such a pushover." "Her class is useless, what's the point?"... (more »)
Journalism Club...Boring?
By , Houston, TX
What do you think journalism is about? Is it boring, fun? Most students look at it as just a writing class because the name journalism has the word “Journal” but journalism is more than just writing.   Our journalism club... (more »)
And You Think You Know
By , Duluth, MN
 Everyone judges others.  Everyone has been judged, whether they were aware of it or not.  Most people are aware of it.  They do know what you’ve been saying behind their back.  Stop for a minute and think before... (more »)
A Library Out of control
A Library out of control Dear Fremd Library Staff, The rules that have been set for the Fremd High School media center have been too laid back and allow far too much freedom to the students. In my observations of the library I constantly see... (more »)
Misbehaving Angels
By , Wrexham, United Kingdom
One of the many aspects of school I cannot stand is the mistreatment of students. You know, those inconsiderate, underachieving, immature failures who appear so superior in the eyes of a handful of teachers – simply because they’re... (more »)
The Negative Effects of an Alternating Block...
Schools often debate the best scheduling system for high schools: such as either the traditional schedule or the alternating, or A/B, block schedule. A traditional schedule calls for typically six, seven, or eight classes of approximately fifty... (more »)
5 More Minutes...
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“Delaying the start of the school day until at least 8:30 a.m. would help curb their lack of sleep, which has linked with poor health, bad grades, car crashes, and other problems.” said The American Academy of Pediatrics.... (more »)
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