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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

School Lunches or a Death Wish?
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Michelle Obama has finally managed to put more nutritious lunches in the school system, but kids are revolting against the improved lunches. One of the reasons is the nutrition. The lunches are supposed to enrich us, to help us, and to make us... (more »)
Outrageous College Tuition
Over the past years,college tuition has skyrocketed.College tuition has been incresing since 1978. Due to this, fewer parents are able to afford college for their children. I’m not quite sure why this has happened, but there have been... (more »)
Students Should Get Paid for Receiving Good Grades
By , Sanford, FL
I think students should get paid when getting higher grades because it will encourage them do to well in school, this will also grant them excellent GPA, as well as getting into good colleges. In the long-run, this would provide a better... (more »)
Dear Freshmen
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Dear Freshmen, Congrats, you’ve made it this far. Now it is time, it is time for you to become the person you’re destine to be. The next 4 years are going to go by so fast, you’re going to look back and wish they... (more »)
Don't Worry, I Believe In You
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High school is a huge boiling pot of races, styles, identities, opinions, and ideas. It’s bustling halls crowded with hormonal teenagers and teachers screaming for quiet. It’s bald janitors with bad hygiene and it’s girls vying for the... (more »)
The Power of Words
By , Franklinton, LA
Most young people today don't value a good book. They would rather watch a television show or stay on social media. The truth is, they are missing out on one of the best parts of life.  The words within those pages tell a story: a... (more »)
Yes, This is Friday This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 It’s that time again. Friday. Even in the summer it’s the best day of the week. When you wake up, something is different about today. The air smells different, breakfast tastes better. Even the dirty laundry piled high in the... (more »)
Freshmen: The Logic Behind the Stereotype
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    Ok, I know you’re probably not paying attention. I wouldn’t be. Who cares what a bunch of sophomores have to say? They don’t like us anyway. Well you’re right. We don’t like you. You’re freshman. You’re ‘below’ us. High... (more »)
Declassified High School Survival Guide
                          *your results may vary* As a freshman, I was terrified of high school. I heard of all of the rumors and stories, and I had more questions than I’m proud to admit. So, when Mrs. Lago gave us a writing... (more »)
A College Education Is Necessary for Success
In New York state alone a college education is required 61% of the time to even be considered for the job . Many people don’t realize that a college education is a great necessity and makes a huge difference. College helps prepare you for... (more »)
Junk Food in School
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Chips. Ice tea. French fries. These are some of the junk food that we enjoy. However, junk food might taste good but it is really harmful to our body. Candies give us decayed teeth. Chips make our throat hurt. Often junk food is available in... (more »)
School Curriculum Falls Short
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How much of the material taught in high school actually has a practical use in our daily lives outside of the classroom? I don’t know how to do taxes, write a resume, or open a bank account, but thank my lucky stars I know all about the... (more »)
Music Education
By , Tonawanda, NY
Musical moment- The feeling of being and creating a moment in a music performance, that gives you a sense euphoria. In this moment you all you can think is wow, I created that. This is a common term that is used in a simple music class. Though... (more »)
Abolish the SAT
How would you feel if you weren’t able to get into the college you want because you didn’t do good on the SAT but you had a 98 average? The SAT can prevent one of us from going to the college we want. Colleges should use other... (more »)
School Start Times
What time should high school start on average? This is a question that has come up quite a bit in the past few years. Both sides have been argued, but only on side seems truly beneficial according to medical professionals. Many of those that... (more »)
The Faces of Challenge
Often times, the realities of something are not well reflected in how they are officially presented or recorded. Sometimes this is due to shady behind-the-scenes scheming and plotting to make something appear different than it really is;... (more »)
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