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Twixt Passion and Ability: I Am Confused
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Here I am,in a class of over fifty students.On one hand I am into sciences,on the other,I love a lot of art work.People often get confused.In choosing their career,they mix up talents,skills,passion,interest and ability.Some people are just... (more »)
Read. Regurgitate. Repeat.
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The opportunity to receive an education, ability to go to school and to learn was simply not a fact of life for people centuries ago like it is today. Like voting rights, the right to an education, in Europe and America specifically, was first... (more »)
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In May 2015 students from all across the United States will shuffle into the appropriate building, armed with only pencils and fear, and begin their assault on a test which has not only lost it’s meaning over the past ten years, but the value... (more »)
Why You Shouldn't Ever Make Students...
I was literally forced to write this. Behold- the best essay ever written in the history of mankind. Please sit upright in your chair so you don’t hurt yourself when you get blown away. A lot of students don’t have the mental... (more »)
A Classroom Without a Teacher
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One of the most awaited moment in school life- Absence of a teacher in class. This is the time when a classroom can change into a parliament, jungle, market or even a mix of everything! Gossip, food, naughtiness, laughter and craziness overrules... (more »)
Scholastic Aptitude Test or Success Augury Trial?
I sneak a quick glance at my watch. Twenty minutes left. Two passages remaining in the reading section. Time is winding down and I feel the pressure building inside of me as I briskly fill in the bubbles. Thirty seconds left, one more question to... (more »)
I Am Not A Number
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Stress is a not an abnormal or bizarre feeling to students across the globe. We’ve all felt it at one point or another. School has got students feeling nervous, tense, worried and it’s not healthy. Part of this anxiety has got to do... (more »)
Unnoticed Hero
“Most people think success looks like this, (shows a straight line going all the way to the top) but in reality it’s like this, (shows a line going up, and down, and side to side, and all scribbled up, and once you get to the very... (more »)
The Inner Circle
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Birth Life then finally death. No instead let’s say birth life death then birth life and death again. This is the cycle that all living and non living things go through. Plenty of people are scared of death, but what most of them forget is that... (more »)
Unfair Education System for English
By , Mumbai, India
Hello, I'm an Indian 10th Grader. And Here in India , Tenth Grade holds a lot of importance. I am discontent with the education system here. The way they judge you and grade you in English. It's not my English teacher's fault.... (more »)
Redefining Smart and Success
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Over 35 years, Lewis Terman documented the growth of his handpicked children who stood at the apex of the intellectual pyramid. He was dumbfounded. The majority of his “Termites” led ordinary lives. Few were prominent professionals. Even fewer... (more »)
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In my experiences I have felt very lonely is many parts of my life. I don’t really know why but I just have never felt like I belonged. Teens show this ideal by not asking for help. Some teens are afraid to ask for help otherwise they would... (more »)
Study Abroad
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Today, thousands of students are trying to study overseas. They claim that studying abroad is totally beneficial without drawbacks. However, it brings both advantages and disadvantages to students. On one hand, pursuing further study in... (more »)
Explaining and Condemning the Common Core State...
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Two centuries ago Mark Twain said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” In 2009 in a proposal on education reform, Bill Gates said “When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as... (more »)
What's the Use?
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It’s not often you hear about average kids getting excited about math class- not many kids fall in love with geometry or do algebra for fun. In fact, math class often brings up the question ,“What use is all of this in real life?” After all,... (more »)
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We sit around in a circle. I lay down in the middle, staring up at the upside down faces grinning back at me. We laugh and make jokes. We relax. This is home. This is family. Suddenly the conversation stops. A weight hits. We all feel it. I... (more »)
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