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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Dress Codes Updated: Girls Allowed to Show...
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The new dress code policy was released Thursday, addressing the complaints about how strict the dress code is for girls. GIrls are now allowed to show, at most, their eyelashes.      “We didn’t think guys... (more »)
Why Hate School?
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Many kids often say that they hate school. But the truth is, it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  Did you know that two of every three high-school students in a large survey say they are bored in class every single day? In my... (more »)
The Stupendous Thought Switcher
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A whatsapp message from an old team-mate was awaiting my attention. “Howdy” it said. It was followed by a photograph of us playing cricket, everyone’s face covered with sweat and dust. As I saw the message, life quickly... (more »)
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What will you do if someone offers you the key to your dreams? It all started at the mall, Diamond was confident, and very positive, till the question frightens her. That makes people pray for her. Will she be okay? Made everyone worried. Then... (more »)
Why Teens Should Get More Sleep
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The only thing that is possibly better than food is sleep, so why aren’t students getting enough of it? With high school starting at 8:30 AM every day of the week (Monday being the only exception), teens are waking up before their bodies... (more »)
"That’ll Look Good on College...
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The United States Government defines a minor as a person under the age of 18. In the United States, minors cannot do many things. They can’t serve on a jury, they can’t get married, they can’t vote, and they can’t sign... (more »)
Should Homework be Optional?
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With stacking statistics proving damaging effects of stress on teens, it’s shocking that teens are still given up to five or more hours of homework a night, while statistically, academic pressure is a leading cause of stress in... (more »)
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My topic would be about lunch restriction here . i believe that every student should be able to leave campus to eat because we are old enough to have the responsibility to make it back in time for class and not to skip. We have eaten school... (more »)
My Sentence
By , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
She doubts herself quite often         she always hopes for the best                 balance is a term                     she hasn't gotten used to quite yet. This sentence is the closest I can get... (more »)
Schools Should Start at 9 O'clock
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Will we do better in school if school starts later? “Starting classes late means ending classes late. That can interfere with after schools sports and other activities” that’s something that principals or teachers would say.... (more »)
High School on TV vs. Reality
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Every kid growing up watches something based around the idea of being in high school, whether it be on a TV show or in a movie. Watching things on TV makes kids hope and wish for things to be the same way, but they never are. The ways in which... (more »)
The Road to Me
By , Northborough, MA
The definition of a road trip is simply a journey made by car or other type of vehicle. I personally believe it is much more than that; my life has been one big road trip to date, and I want to take you on my path so far. Ohio: known as the... (more »)
To Learn We Must Fail
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You failed. You put in the effort, you tried, and now you feel horrible. Our community fosters the idea that says that as students, if we fail at pursuing academic endeavors, we ourselves are failures. But why is failure always perceived... (more »)
We Need More Time!
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Imagine your teenage son or daughter coming home from a week of school, homework, and a job. They head straight into their room and start bursting out into tears. This comes from lack of sleep and tremendous amounts of stress. Unfortunately,... (more »)
How to Buy the Perfect Birthday Gift for a Friend
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Buying a friend a birthday present is an extremely daunting task for the average human being. As the important date with the big crimson “X” sketched onto it in their calendars rapidly approaches, some people do not know where to... (more »)
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Many people complain about how messed up the school system is and therefor blame it on the school board, but what I have only recently realized is that the blame is to be placed on the teachers. Often times, I see things on the internet saying,... (more »)
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