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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Is Going to College and Incurring Debt Worth It?
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Today in America's society, young adults in high school are being shown that the ideal way to have a successful life and career is to go to college and get your degree. Some young adults take another route and go straight into work, but why?... (more »)
Editorial: Should Students Be Allowed to Take...
By , Plaquemine, LA
Students should be free to type their notes rather than being forced to handwrite them. In the classroom, teachers only have so much time to relay information to their students before the bell rings. This often requires teachers to be quick with... (more »)
The Game of Life.
By , Los Angeles, CA
“You know, if you play your cards right, you can go so far in life”   We are sitting in class and playing cards. Today’s game of choice is B.S, fairly simple. All you have to do is call someone’s bluff when they... (more »)
The Downfall of the G.O.A.T.
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 Behavior is how someone acts in both public and private areas and is how people will remember you as a first impression. At Burbank we study topics that make us reflect on what we just read or wrote about. Many other schools don’t... (more »)
Stores and The Dress Code
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Taylor was so excited about the dance at her school. You can dress up however you please. You can wear dresses so beautiful you can take people's breath away. Taylor was ready thirty minutes before the dance.   The dress code... (more »)
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More Time to Think
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“You have three minutes left everyone!” my teacher exclaims. My eyes dart up to the clock and, to my disappointment, not much time is left to finish my test. I hurriedly flip the page to look at yet another set of problems that I have not... (more »)
Teaching with Enthusiasm
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To be a teacher is to do more than just relay information to pupils. To be a successful teacher one needs to be knowledgeable, respectful, flexible, and, most of all, enthusiastic. Many teachers at my high school meet these standards. As a... (more »)
LGBT Respect in Schools
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In schools, there should be LGBT+ topics discussed in classes. If people were introduced to the LGBT+ community, then the students would be able to be more accepting of them. If the schools were focused on the best choices for the... (more »)
Against School Uniforms
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Why should students wear uniforms? We don’t need a school uniform to help us get our education. Some students do not like the fact that we have to wear school uniforms. Most parents that are poor can’t afford to buy school uniforms for their... (more »)
Teach Me! This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Every night I am faced with an overload of homework. I’m rarely sure how to complete each assignment, and for some I feel completely lost. In my academic experience, I have encountered many educators who attempt to hide their lack of... (more »)
Preschool for All
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Brain development is most rapid in the first years of a child’s life (“Early Learning” 1). However, not every parent has access to a proper education program to help their children grow to their full potential. President... (more »)
Orcas Deserve Their Lives
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Orcas deserve to remain their lives in the wild just as most orcas and other sea animals dp. As a child my parents allowed  me to watch the orcas and the dolphins perform these amazing tricks that normally only a human could do. I was told... (more »)
Isolation of the Gifted
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Today, schools are helping set up the brightest students in the nation for failure. Why set back the most promising demographic of our youth? Education systems across the globe have recognized a need to create separate programs for... (more »)
The Audition
By , Cupertino, CA
On a bright, sunny afternoon in the middle of May, there was a big house in the middle of a big city. I lived there. It was a pretty good house, I would say. But that was the least of my worries.I had been practicing for an important audition... (more »)
Raised by the Bell
The relentless culture of college admissions, especially among the nation’s elite, has now permeated throughout the lower education system.  The message is clear – any form of failure will jeopardize your chances of a promising... (more »)
How Well Do Standardized Tests Measure Your...
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Standardized tests have been a major part of student life in America for more than 50 years. Now, students in the U.S are taking more of these omnipresent and pressure-packed tests than before. Many standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT... (more »)
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