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School Dress Codes and Constitutions
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Have you or someone you know been unfairly judged by the school dress code? If so, then you’re not alone. Dress codes are the way school controls how students dress or look like as far as shorts, tank tops, piercings and tattoos. Many people... (more »)
Do Standardized Tests Really Benefit Students?
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One of the few memories that I have from kindergarten is baking apple pies in the fall, playing bowling with pumpkins during halloween, and taking standardized test during the spring. I remember all of my classmates being placed all around the... (more »)
Should We Allow" To Kill a...
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To Kill a Mockingbird may be one of the most controversial books in American history. Many people across the globe revere it as a historical relic that clearly illustrates the racial injustice of 20th century America. On the other hand, some... (more »)
Is College Really Worth It?
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Our society has changed a lot over the years: we charge our phones more than we sleep, we have access to news articles with the tap of a finger and we learn how to hack into free Wifi sooner than we memorize our times tables. Our way of life is... (more »)
Here's How to Write an Essay an Hour... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Procrastination. Teachers advise against it, parents yell at us for it, overachievers scoff at the thought of it. Well, to all of the naysayers out there, I love to procrastinate. It’s where I get most of my most creative ideas. Let me... (more »)
Sex Education Importance
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Should schools have sex education? Why is it so important for  kids to be taught sex ed  now, as a preteen or teen? In some parts of the world, kids are being taught sex ed, but not all kids are being taught in sex ed classes. As a... (more »)
The Common Core? You Mean the Common Bore
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“What did You learn today?”  That is a question many parents ask their children after school.  Most schools in the United States are falling short of world standards.  In other countries, children succeed to higher standards in academics... (more »)
Exams v. Students
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Arlie R. Hochschild said, “Each person's drive to overwork is unique, and doing too much numbs every workaholic's emotions differently. Sometimes overwork numbs depression, sometimes anger, sometimes envy, sometimes sexuality. Or... (more »)
Eyes of Education
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Education is the most important factor for the development of human civilization.Education provides the nation with man powers, promotes national unity and uplifts public awareness. A country needs different kinds of man powers such as doctors,... (more »)
You Are What You Eat
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Everyone wants to be healthy. However, being healthy does not always come easy. Unhealthy foods are common, convenient, and inexpensive (Mooney). With alarming rates of obesity of above 35 percent of the population in America, unhealthy foods... (more »)
Extremely Helpful Motivation Tips
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Motivation is something every teen struggles with. I have read many books on waking up early, making routines, even books about motivation itself. Basically, I have come up with a way to stay motivated that works wonders for me. I am an online... (more »)
University Professors Should Make More Money
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Many people have described the benefit from high salaries professors’ quality of education, encouragement and but in my perspective, university should not spend too much money on professors’ salaries in order to improve the quality... (more »)
The Future of Scheduling
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Times are changing. With the constant integration of new technology, it is imperative that high achieving schools adapt with the current notion in order to stay up to date and remain competitive among the elite. Among the different changes and... (more »)
Food for Thought
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Calculus and crackers, biology and blueberries, English and edamame -- schoolwork and snacks go together. Yet some schools forbid eating outside of the scheduled lunch period. Studies show that eating allows for better focus and cognitive... (more »)
Cell Phones at School
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I  don't  agree that  cell phones  should  be  banned  in  school  because  they  are very  useful  and  can  be  used  for  many  positive ... (more »)
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The Case Against Flavored Milk Products
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The ChooseMyPlate website says that dairy is one of the five most important food groups in a meal (“MyPlate”). What better way to satisfy the dairy requirement than to drink a carton of chocolate milk? This, unfortunately, is a... (more »)
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