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Here are the most recent school / college articles:

Learning for the Sake of It
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Learning for learning's sake . If looked closely at the statement , it is apparently noticable that the statement has a very deep meaning and implication within itself . Is learning for the sake of learning , for the love and the joy of... (more »)
Change the School System Already
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So the school system has been around since the 17th century. Which is weird because government, phones, car everything has changed but the school system is the only thing that haven’t. (EX:from car where cars has bicycle wheels to the new... (more »)
To My Classmates as We Graduate
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I want you to imagine this: you’re a skydiver perched at the edge of a precipice. You’ve been fitted with enormous, fluttering gold nylon wings. The wind is perfect, the sky cerulean blue and cloudless, and you are ready to go. But just as... (more »)
Parents, Don't Say What You Don't Mean
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“You can be anything you want to be in life. “We will support you no matter what you decide to do.” “Oh, you shouldn’t study that in college, you’ll never get a job doing it.” Two comments like these put together seem to be... (more »)
Importance of Math
By , Salalah, Oman
Math is one of the most important subject in the whole world. Many people do not like math because they say that it is very difficult to study. Yes, it is but because it requires a lot of focus and attention but once you work hard then it is no... (more »)
My High School Needs a Fix
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There are a lot of things that need a to be fixed at my high school. Complaints are a cheap commodity in any high school. There are many things kids tell me everyday that could easily be fixed. People say that the school work in humanities is... (more »)
Being Mean Is Foreseen
By , Morris Plains, NJ
“864,950 people attempt suicide yearly, meaning at least 1 person pursuits suicide every 38 seconds” (“Suicide” 6). Suicide is a permanent ramification, a result of someone suffering from anxiety and/or depression. In... (more »)
Banned Books: Informing the Next Generation
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Imagine an 8th grader is in their room, reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, when their mother walks in, sees the title and confiscates the book. The child asks why and the mother reveals that the school has just sent a notice home... (more »)
Why School Is Important
By , Elberton, GA
 Everyone goes to school, and we complain about going to school. “When is it going to be Friday?” Uncomfortable desks, waiting for graduation, and not giving your best effort in anything school related are our lives. Oh but... (more »)
How Affirmative Action in College Admissions...
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"In the little world in which children have their existence, whosoever brings them up, there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt as injustice." -Charles Dickens, Great Expectations   As I heard my name... (more »)
Tired Teens at School: Nothing to Sleep On
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Dear Teachers, Ever so often you see them with arms folded on their desks, head down, tired eyed, or yawning: students who have not had eight hours of sleep. You may shrug it off or ignore it, but you know that method will just add to... (more »)
farenheight 451
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Most humans are unaware of their inner-selves and their emotions, they accept this artificial feeling that their day to day life induces. Most people are not at a level of understanding for what makes them truly happy. Happiness is something one... (more »)
The Detrimental Grading System Found in Schools
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 It is evident in current schooling systems that grades have a large impact on a child’s future. For example, it is a known fact that all colleges create a standard of acceptance, which revolve around factors such as grade point... (more »)
Trials and Tribulations of College Admissions
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Junior year has always been rumored to be the hardest year of school and most stressful year of your life. That’s an understatement. The ubiquity of stress in the lives of sixteen and seventeen year olds has become a thoroughly outrageous... (more »)
Public Speaking: Speaking Up
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People fear public speaking more than they fear being buried alive. Teenagers and schools need alternatives for public speaking. We fear public speaking for many reasons whether it’s the lack of preparation for a speech, past failures... (more »)
Is Early Childhood Schooling Important?
By , Reno, NV
Early Childhood development is putting kids through an education program before they enter a formal school. Should pre schooling, or programs like ‘Head Start’ be used to teach kids in their early development stages? I personally... (more »)
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