Dress Code

November 11, 2017
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Dress codes are part of every average school day. They are the common law that separates students and staff, males and females. I for one have had enough of this discrimination. I feel it unfit for a school staff member to tell a female student she must cover her shoulders and a male student of like attire he is fine. Or for any adult to tell a child their body is a distraction. I agree rules should be applied to student's clothing but these rules should apply to both sexes equally and that students should never be told that average body parts are a distraction. Some rules listed in my student handbook seem ludicrous when applied. Rules are also more plentiful for females. Rules for female students are as follow: Shoulders must be covered at all times, your butt must be covered by a top or jacket at all times, dresses, skirts, or holes in jeans must not exceed your fingertips or three inches above the knee. Yes they'll actually get a ruler and measure. The rest of the rules are more reasonable and apply to all students. Some of these rules include: no sagging pants, no offensive or vulgar clothing, no pajamas, and no trench coats. I believe that the blatant sexism that occurs in schools should not longer be excepted. The phrase "You're a distraction" should not longer be taken as an excuse. I believe the sexist unfair rules of the school dress code are far more distracting then any pair of shoulders.

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