Students Should Not Wear Uniforms

October 17, 2017
By Heidyh BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Heidyh BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Students still do not want to listen to the dress code policy. They think that it is dumb for us to have dress code. People agree with that, uniform should not be part of dress code. The only reason we wear it ,is because teachers think that students won't get bullied. They are wrong students still come getting bullied either way. This why students still do not want to wear uniform. The school uniform should not mandatory in public schools.

First of all students do not like how the uniform look on them. That is why they do not like wearing the uniforms. There should still be no dress code. Students still come to school wearing stuff they are not suppose to wear. The students end up breaking the school dress code policy.

We should not have dress code because sometime our uniform rip and we have to go and buy new ones. For if they rip.we know that if we do not have uniform we still en duo buying new clothes every year, but if they rip we still are going to have other clothes to wear. Some people only buy like two or three uniforms so they have to wash when they need to wear it again. If we do not have dress code we just wash the clothes the day before the new week, because we will have other clothes to wear.

If we wear school uniform it does not allow individuality. School uniform could be expensive. Besides ,kids should get to show who they really are by the clothes they wear ,it takes away kids freedom of expression.

Kids having to wear uniform is not fair. They will not get to show who they really are. Some can not buy uniform because the clothes is so expensive. That they can not attend the school they want to go to. It also takes away kids freedom of expression. So is it really worth it wearing school uniforms ,because the student still will come to school wearing what they are not suppose to wear.   

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