School Dress Code

October 17, 2017
By hansonboss BRONZE, Houston, Texas
hansonboss BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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School is a place where we learn, study and get home work to see if we understand the subject we are being taught, but with all the things the students do don’t u believe they need to be a little comfortable when they spend most of their life in schools. School dress code should not be required in Alief schools because it restricts student’s freedom of expression. School clothes are too expensive and students oppose school dress code.
School dress code restricts student’s freedom of expression. According to Kambiz Akhazan the writer of procon “school dress code infringe upon students right to express their individuality”.(1) Students do not get to express themselves truly when in schools.

School dress code should not be in alief schools because they are too expensive. As kambiz Akhazan goes on to explain “Americans spend around 1 billion dollars per year on school uniforms” (1).  That much money to only spend on school clothes is too much. The only option is to wear the cloths we already have.

Lastly school dress code should not be in alief schools because students oppose school uniforms.” Us schools with a minority student population of 50% or more are four times as likely to require uniforms than school with a minority population of 20-49% and 24 times more likely than schools with minority population of 5-19%” (1). Kambiz Akhavan states that even minority schools half of them are likely to have dress code than the rest of the district.

Obviously schools have not put dress code out of the picture because they believe the kids would have a level playing field which means it encourages students to focus on their studies rather than their clothes but the reasons why schools in alief should not have dress code because it takes away students freedom of expression. School dress code is way too expensive, students oppose dress code. It is for the following reason we should not have dress code in Alief

The author's comments:

I leaarn in a school that has dress code and i think it is unnecasary 

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