Undocumented Immigrants

June 1, 2017
By Viictoor_king BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Viictoor_king BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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In 2017 we have a new President called Donald Trump, and Trump’s plans for Undocumented Immigrants, or criminals immigrants are not that smart, and when I say it’s not that smart I mean that Trump is going to make America smaller.He may not be thinking about these terms. But as he barrels ahead with his promise to restrict immigration- barring them from some Muslims majority countries, limiting work visas, expelling millions who are here illegally. President Donald Trump might want to ponder how this fits the theme of “Making America Great.”


In the debate over immigration, there’s a common refrain from people who oppose a path to residency for undocumented immigrants: “Why don’t they get in line”? There are people who have been waiting in the line for over 20 years.

“The immigration system-- yeah, it doesn’t work very well. It lets people wait too much,  from my perspective.”
One of the most frustrating aspects of immigration is how it takes so long to get approved.


In public’s mind, the undocumented are the people who are living here without any permission from America’s government.But in the Immigrant’s mind they’re like everyone just not from the same country who leave their country and come to ours for a better life. There’s two kinds of immigrants, which are immigrants that come with papers from another country and the other kind of immigrant are the ones who enter a country without any papers. Immigration is one of the hottest topics in the 2017 Presidential Campaign, which is causing a lots of fight, angriness over whether to deport people who entered the U.S illegally or grant them some form of amnesty, and also build a wall between the U.S and Mexico. Therefore, immigrants should have the right to stay in the country.

Why do immigrants come illegally to the U.S?

Majority of the people think immigrants are criminals, but actually not all of them are, from way of view our economy is balanced by immigrants, and most of them come to our country for a better life or to find a good job to sustain their family or stuff like that, and they know that the United States offers a lots of opportunities to actually be someone in life.


Path to citizenship
The path of citizenship is very complicated and it also takes so long to be an American Citizen, first off on the list to naturalization is Obtain a green card.But for that to happened who have to live in the country for five years, which makes it even more difficult because between that time the person who is waiting could get in any kind of trouble that involves the police and that can affect his or her case.

Second off the list is to maintain physical presence in the country for 30 months of the five years and that’s the way to apply for citizenship.

Third off the list is to complete USCIS form N-400 you’d have to fill out your background information on the form, which that make you be able to have legal name change. And applying for a citizenship is not cheap at all. As soon as you complete the form you have to pay $595.

Fourth off the list is to be fingerprinted, but for that the application has to be approved, and once the application is accepted, you have to set up a date for to get fingerprinted, and the fingerprint is basically to perform a background.

Finally the fifth and last one is to pass an interview and a test, which you’ll also need to set a date, and the test is basically about the U.S government history and to have a good understanding of the English Language.



Some people may think that we don’t need any of immigration reform and most think that we should deport all of the immigrants  back to their countries…

Well But that’s absolutely wrong because we should not deport any immigrant unless they have a really bad criminal record or something like that. But the reason that we shouldn’t deport them or not allow them to do any reformation, because the more people we have more people are going to have to pay taxes and those taxes are going to be helpful to give to public schools and we’re going to have more people having health insurance.


 In public’s mind, the undocumented are the people who are living here without any permission from America’s government.But in the Immigrant’s mind they’re like everyone just not from the same country who leave their country and come to ours for a better life.


There are bad things and good things about immigration one of the bad things is the path to citizenship first of all it takes a long time, and it's pretty expensive...One of the good things is the benefits to the country, which is the opportunities that the country offers, to be someone in life to raise a family and get a good job and all those kind of stuff.

From my perspective a nice way to fix this problem is just giving every immigrant an opportunity to be someone in life and get a better life in the United States of America, because immigrants are still human and every human has the right to do whatever they want, but I do agree that every criminal should have their consequence like every human does.

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