Homework, It gets you Nowhere

February 12, 2009
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The purpose of this report is to explain why students should not be assigned home. Also, how it can affect students and how they can succeed without it.

Homework can sometimes cause major problems to students, even the weak ones. In high school, students get more stressed out than the homework they are assigned. With the no late work policy and make up work, they can fall behind very quickly and might have to repeat their grade year again. Some students might want to drop out of school. Especially when it comes to upcoming exams and students really need to finish their homework. It is just so stressful!

It may come to a surprise that students can still succeed without homework. Without homework, they can spend more time studying for an exam or a test. We all know that test and exams are major grades. Now if students who are in athletics are not assigned homework, they can focus more on their practice and not worrying about the homework they need to finish in the short amount of time they have until tomorrow. No homework can help students and athletes more than you imagine.

Even some parents have a problem of homework being assigned. Parents might not be able to help their child with a homework assignment they can't understand either. When it comes to subjects like math or history, parents could do more harm than good if they have problems understanding the assignment. Back then, parents might not have had the same kind of homework kids have today. Maybe not as much as students today get. Not just kids, but parents too hate homework.

Back during the 1900s, homework was thought as a waste of time. Harris Copper, a homework researcher, proved that homework wasn't an effort of academic achievement. In 1901, homework was banned in grade schools. Then, after a few months, homework somehow became popular. How can homework be popular?

Teachers and principals need to see that students have the responsibility of accomplishing things at school. Homework can cause students to lack their love for learning. Teachers can't spend more time teaching the students more on the subject than having to assign the homework and telling them what they need to do. Students should be graded on the participation they do in class. No homework can give the teachers more time teaching the students more than what they need to know, which they enjoy very much. I don't know about the students.

Homework is a bad idea and a waste of time. Some teachers know that students have better things to do. Like wondering if they can buy an Xbox 360 or when will the next Assassin's Creed game will come out. Mostly, they might choose to go outside. But hey, I just research and say what I know. You do the math.

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AnimePianist said...
Jun. 16, 2010 at 9:24 pm
While, I do understand where you are coming from I have to disagree. If you can budget your time then you can get your homework done. All homework is just to reinforce what was taught in the classroom. While doing homework may even be helping you study for a test, because your homework may be what is going to be on that test tomorrow. So I'm not really trying to criticize your view but just give some insight into the other side of this topic. 
Dandelion said...
Feb. 7, 2010 at 10:07 am
I must note that starting an essay off with the words, "This essay is about ..." or something to that effect, will lessen the chances of a viewer actually reading the article. Remember: show, don't tell; show the reader what you mean without saying it so bluntly.
Sana W. said...
Feb. 28, 2009 at 1:59 am
First, I want to start off by saying it was nicely written (as compared to various other essays).

Second, I have to say I disagree.

Homework is important, not only because it adds a balance for those who don't do well on tests or miss class, but it's also a good way to practice the work that's learned in class. If test and quiz grades are the only ones that matter, and tests are given once a week, then a student will most likely not practice/review what t... (more »)
just3words This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 26, 2009 at 8:18 pm
I must say that the flow of this essay was less than stellar - maybe more essay assignments will help you practice for something which words cannot be trifled with. I do however, agree - teachers must realize that we can do our own work, and motivate ourselves, and that homework tends to take out a lot of it. But students should appreciate the value of the homework THAT DOES teach us something. The assignments that actually give us something to think about. I know I do not have to say this...but... (more »)
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