Dress Codes in School

March 14, 2012
By LargeBlanket BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
LargeBlanket BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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If you were a student attending a school with a dress code where everyone wore the same stuff how would you feel? You’d probably just feel like another average boring kid who doesn’t stick out at all and might not even get noticed or acknowledged by other students and even teachers. Schools shouldn’t have a dress code such as khaki pants and a polo shirt. The teachers don’t take into opinion the kids view on this debate. kids have been listening to parents and teachers for too long and it is time we take a stand for our freedom and creativity.
Besides, even if kids from a school did want a dress code, the school might not want to do it due to the costs of buying all the clothes for students. Most schools wouldn’t want to waste that money on something like that. But instead buy new computers or smart boards. kids would much rather have an interactive learning experience than some nice clothes.
I understand that the bullying may be reduced if everyone wore the same clothes, so kids won’t get bullied by the clothes they wear. Kids without good clothes can always go to goodwill or places like that and get clothes for cheap prices. Also kids can always check the lost and found for clothes. For example, our lost and found has a whole wardrobe that no one claims, so you could borrow some of those clothes. the school will also offer clothes to kids who wear the same clothes everyday.
If there is a dress code kids won’t be able to express their creativity in the clothes they wear. For example, a kid at my school who’s name is Max Bush is very creative in the clothes he wears. Sometimes it’s a purple dress shirt with athletic shorts or nurses pants and a t-shirt. If there was a drees code he won’t be able to be creative anymore. Without the ability to be creative in the clothes kids wear, they’ll just feel like another face in the crowd. You wouldn’t stick out at all and some people may not be able to recognize you from some angles.
Teachers should do what the kids want because money earned from fundraisers should go to the students. Unless it is a bad idea, such as putting a trampoline in the school. they earned the money so why should it go to something that the principal and super attendant want. If the kids want a new dress code and new dress clothes then they should get it. If the teachers want students to have a dress code and have the fundraiser money to go to the new clothes then they shouldn’t get it.
So as you have read, you now realize how bad a dress ode would be for any school. They are expensive, make it harder to be creative, and kids won’t want them. They can be uncomfortable too. I think that having a dress code is bad for schools and I hope that I convinced you too.

-Luke Larson

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Yep I agree it is not fair we have to look like everyone else. Lets show our creativity

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This website is true! We need to be heard and be loud.

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