I Miss You Singing Next to Me

March 21, 2011
Pete: Can you believe it?
Sarah: Yeah I can.
Pete: I never thought I would make it.
Sarah: I do, you can sing as beautiful as Michael Jackson can.
Pete: I’ m not that good.
Sarah: Mr. Kennan picked you for the solo, didn’t he?
Pete: but,
Sarah: but what?
Pete: I’m really not that good.
Sarah: Better than me,
Sarah: I sound like a cat going through a garbage disposal.
Pete: That’s not true, you’re a great singer.
Sarah :Not as good as you.
Pete: That’s not true; I’m not good at all.
Sarah: I can’t even carry a tune in a bucket.
Pete: Don’t say that; you can’t think like that Sarah.
Pete: Look, it doesn’t matter what Mr. Kennan said.
Sarah: He says I can’t sing high enough and,
Pete: So what?
Sarah: That I should just fake it.
Pete: Look he has no right to talk to you like that.
Pete: Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Sarah: He knows what he’s talking about Pete.
Pete: No Sarah, you’re amazingly talented,
Pete: and I miss you singing next to me.
Sarah: I do to.
Pete: Why did you do it?
Sarah: I just needed a way out.
Pete: You did have a way out.
I love you.
Sarah: yeah whatever.
Pete: I love you, you know that don’t you, Sarah?
Pete: I miss you; it’s not the same without you.
Sarah: I’m not here anymore.
Pete: You are here, just not physically.
Pete: Why?
Sarah: Why not?
Pete: Because, I miss you Sarah.
I miss you Sarah,

Singing sweetly for me to hear.

The world wasn’t good enough for your voice to hear.

It is their loss; they can never hear your voice again.

We love you Sarah,

And we want you to come back.

The world desperately needs your,

Angelic voice.

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