That Dreaded Place...

February 19, 2011
By Hail2hannah BRONZE, Blue Jay, California
Hail2hannah BRONZE, Blue Jay, California
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Schedule changes are the worst two words any teenager can hear. You're in class for a whole semester, make tons of friends, and suddenly it's all ripped away from you. Then you get thrown into a new class, sometimes even a new teacher, and, honestly, for what? Why does the horrible place they call the counseling office feel the need to mess with every one's perfect schedule and get everyone mad at them? It seems like there wouldn't be nearly as many problems with students and the dreaded parents if they would just let things be. It is, however, understandable when it's completely necessary to switch a class or two around for an elective perhaps, but leave it at that! At the end of schedule changes, two facts are known for sure: #1. No one likes their new schedule, and #2. no one like counselors.

The author's comments:
My first semester of my freshmen year was perfect in every possible way. I had classes with all my friends and loved all my teachers. But when schedule changes rolled around, my perfect school day was thrown away. I got put into classes with people I barely knew, and you all know how it is. High school is clichy. It's hard to make new friends. This piece was basically inspired by my anger towards the counsling office for not understanding our pain as the student body. And trust me, pain there is.
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