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September 3, 2010
By Dshot95 BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
Dshot95 BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
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“What am I going to wear today, a black collared shirt with khaki pants or a blue collared shirt with black shorts?” Dress codes at school are something that all kids hate, but at the same time, it’s something that is going to help them through life. Dress codes are really effective in high school because it reduces cliques, bullying, and gang violence. Students start focusing on their looks instead of their school work, but now with dress codes they help students concentrate on learning and not on their appearance. Dress codes help reduce the smuggling of weapons because most codes restrict baggy clothes. The students will also be ready for future jobs that will require them to wear a uniform because they have been wearing uniforms their whole academic life.
Have you ever went to a school and seen tank tops and baggy clothes there and then went to another school with students wearing uniforms? What was your first impression of the schools? Uniforms on students helps the school look organized and makes the students look very mature. The impression you might get of the students is that they get straight A’s in their classes. Students that wear tank tops and other such clothes do not look very mature and might not be the best group of kids to hang out with.

Cliques are everywhere at school. There are the jocks, nerds, band geeks and every other group that you can think of. With dress codes, cliques at schools could be reduced because everyone is wearing the same thing. There is no exclusion of any kind because the clothes that students wear will have to obey the enforced dress code.

There is no one wearing baggy pants or even skinny jeans because of the dress code policies in the school and that helps students to follow future dress codes for future jobs. Dress codes are guidelines to life; they help students look professional and at the same time look like responsible young adults.

With dress codes no one can get offended with what people wear, because all they will see is the same clothes everyday. There is no offensive language or pictures on school uniforms. There will also not be as much drama at schools because girls will not be called offensive words, such as, s*** because of what they are wearing. According to the information on the website www.educationbug.org, sex offenses have been reduced 96% since uniforms have been introduced to schools in the Long Beach, California area.

When students have to wear a uniform they probably never think, I wonder how this blue collared shirt will match with these khaki shorts. Uniforms help the students to focus on school instead of how they appear. Students are in school to learn, but if a student in front of them has a distracting shirt on they cannot learn as well. According to the information on the website, www.Woio.com, “students who wear a uniform for school usually have a better chance for graduation than a student who does not have a dress code at their high school.”

Have you ever wondered if a student had a weapon under his/her shirt? Uniforms at school can possibly help to stop the smuggling of drugs or smuggling of weapons. If a shirt is tucked in and tight on the student, he/she cannot hide drugs or weapons. Uniforms are also related to gang activity because if kids are in a gang they will most likely represent that gang with clothes that are their gang color such as, red, blue, white, yellow and many more. These gang colors are not school appropriate and will probably alarm a student in a certain kind of way.

The facts I have given to support my statement that dress codes are an excellent idea in schools, helps me show that dress codes are not a bad policy, but something that will help the students of the current era. Hopefully, the students that have to obey the dress code policy will use these few years as a step to achieving a better life.

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rashawna11 said...
on Oct. 13 2017 at 6:09 pm
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Storm Dear Storm,i strongly disagree with u disagreeing with Dshot95 because dress code is goingt to help kids with thier self-isteem because they cant go around making fun of

Storm said...
on May. 18 2015 at 2:46 pm
Dear Dshot95, I strongly disagree with you, I believe that dress code isn't the best thing. The reason i'm saying dress code isn't the best is because dress code is ruining the younger generation’s self esteem. It is doing so by making the young ladies feel that everything they are wearing is inappropriate. This is shown when schools tell young girls that they are not allowed to wear spaghetti straps and that their shorts are to short. When in reality society is making them feel that showing off their shoulders and a little bit of their legs is inappropriate. Along with this schools need to take in consideration that they are making shorts shorter and it is hard to find long enough ones anymore. So in result of our generations changing i feel that schools need to rewrite their dress codes and make it so kids can express themselves throughout their clothes and feel confident in what they wear, without the fear of them saying they look inappropriate. On the other hand I see why you say it is a good thing to have dress code in place, so there is no gang activity going on and there isn't as much bullying going on for the way people dress. But kids need the ability to make decisions and feel confident in what they wear. Sincerely, Rainie Herrero

on Dec. 15 2014 at 1:07 pm
I believe half of this true....

street said...
on Mar. 11 2014 at 9:13 am
uniforms are stupid i will never wear one ecept mlitary


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