Biology worm disection ID terms

December 17, 2009
By GOLD, Parsons, Kansas GOLD, Parsons, Kansas
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Pharynx-from mouth to esophagus
Septa- membrane found on inside skin walls
Setae-bristles, ex:(helps to attach when mating)
Somites-body segments on worm
Aortic arches-serves as a heart
Seminal vesicles-stores the worms own sperm
Seminal recepticales-recieves another worm’s sperm
Clitellum-produces mucus
Anus-where poop comes out
Crop-stores food until it gets to the gizzard.
Gizzard-grinds up eaten food
Dorsal blood vessel-dark blood vessel
Intestine-where eaten food passes through
Esophagus-serves as a neck to swallow
Dorsal-dark side of worm
Ventral-light side of worm
Anterior-towards the head end of the worm
Post terrier-towards the anus end of the worm

*Tip*:worms don’t have lungs they breath through their skin>*

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i wrote this to help others because i created it and it helped me study!!!!

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