May 4, 2009
Essays. Who needs them? Honestly I don’t care too much for them. Reading them, its okay. But not as bad as writing them though! I think essays are boring. I don’t say pointless, but they are boring and just a drag to write. If you don’t believe or agree with me, I will give you three good reasons why writing essays is so unbearably boring.

The prompts are so unpredictable! A prompt is a topic or idea that you are required to write the essay on. Many of the prompts that you have to write on are just so un-thought of! You read the essay guideline prompt and for example it may say a crazy thing like, “ If you were to be a dog for a day, what three things would you do first? Explain your answers in detail.” First of all, who has enough time on their hands to go pondering and thinking about this kind of situation? I understand that essay writing is supposed to be creative thinking outside of the box, but some of the prompts to write on are just flat out wacky. And if there is no prompt, it is most likely going to be a persuasive essay. Persuading is good. Sometimes it just has to be done. But putting it down in writing just makes you feel like you are in an one person argument. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I just think it would be much more efficient and effective to talk verbally to your audience and get them to sway in your favor that way.

The second reason is that kids, more specifically teens, hate essays. They hate reading them, writing the, editing them, grading them, everything about them. I know that I may not know everyone’s opinion out there, but I haven’t met a teen who likes writing essays. Hate is a strong word, some people would prefer to use the word ‘dislike’. But when the teacher announces that there will be an essay on something like Newton’s Laws, a chorus of moans and groans rises from my classmates; not to mention myself.

And the third reason essays are so unbearably boring to read, let alone write, is because they are so structured. Even though everyone wants organization in their essays, every essay just seems the same; there is no individuality. Although the views and ideas expressed through the essay may be different, they are always set up and structured the same. Introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion; a good simple five paragraph essay.

Even though essays are disliked or hated by many teens and even some adults, and there are many things that people can say about them that are unbearable, they are important in the society today.

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forever_dancer said...
May 23, 2009 at 12:09 am
hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! oh my gosh i luv u! that was hysterical.... thanks for cheering me up :)
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