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Tupac Argument

December 21, 2018
By AgustinAP SILVER, Sacramento, California
AgustinAP SILVER, Sacramento, California
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High School students should study more about colored people that wanted to change the world. For example a great person that wanted to change the world and did, was Tupac.Tupac was a young inspirational activist from New York, He was wide eyed, he believed that he could make a change in society, by his music and poems. We should study Tupac because he has so many different goals that he has achieved and can inspire other high school student to do the same With his amazing poems. High school students should study tupac because he was a very inspirational person and had a brave honest personality and some students need to realize that people in tupac's position when he was younger, he was very smart and educated when he had no one there for him when he needed

One of the main reasons H.S Student should study Tupac is his poems. One of Tupacs amazing poems was called “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” He states “did you hear about the rose that grew from the crack in the concrete proving nature's laws wrong, it learned to walk.”Tupac  is saying that although it's hard where and how you live you fight through it and grow as a better person. This poem from Tupac is very deep because he used a deep title to explain a totally different story. Tupac's poetry is very deep and beautiful.

High School should also study him because most of his songs really inspired people in and out of high school, for example songs like “Dear Mama”, “Changes”, “Keep Ya Head Up”, “Brenda's Got A Baby”.this would be a great way to study tupac in high school because it can really connect to the attention to the person that is listening to the songs and is inspiring them to do better in life and to not be scared


High School students should study Tupac because he is a big motivation to most  people. For example his album “2pacalypse” Tupac’s message wasn’t just any message. He attained his lyrics through the society he was placed in. The society of racial discrimination in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Tupac rapped about the racial profiling he, as well as many of his friends had to endure. The racial profiling was more towards the police and how they were trying to discriminate against the African American race. The argument of most of Tupac’s songs were violence related.

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