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The Bell, a Student's Worst Nightmare

November 28, 2018
By mcifreo BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
mcifreo BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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School is meant to be a fun, stress-free place where students are comfortable. However, walking from the fourth building, fourth floor to the first building, third floor with only a couple of minutes to do so is quite stress-inducing. A big problem at school is that students feel rushed and stressed when trying to navigate to their next class. Not only are some classes far away from each other, but there are also other factors such as a lack of travel time, foot traffic, and stairwell clogging that make this matter worse. Students often find themselves hurrying into class just as the bell rings (or even after it already has) and sometimes disturbing reading and rosary time. The main issue with the lack of travel time between classes is that students sometimes end up disturbing the class, feeling stressed, or even getting a demerit for tardiness. Although this problem poses issues for many, it can be easily fixed with a few minor adjustments.

Given the problem that students do not have enough time to travel to their next class, there are multiple solutions. The easiest and most readily available solution is to add 2 additional minutes in between each class. This would only require cutting four minutes off of each lunch to allow two extra minutes between all four classes each day. That way, class time is conserved, and students are given those two extra minutes to travel to their next class. The second action that can be taken to solve the problem is designating doors and sides of the hallway for walking. If everyone walks in a uniform matter only on her right side of the hallway, there will be much less foot traffic. Both walking on the right side of the hallway and using the right door will allow an even movement of walking students, lessening foot traffic. The third step to reduce some of the stress of traveling to class is designating certain stairways for ascent and descent. This way everyone in that stairwell will be going in the same direction, making the stairs much quicker. These three quick, easy, and free solutions will lessen stress and increase efficiency of the time spent traveling between classes.

These three solutions of adding a few minutes between classes, reminding students to use the correct side of the hall and the correct door, and designating stairwells for ascension and descension will be beneficial to students struggling with the lack of travel time between classes. Adding two extra minutes by cutting some of lunchtime will rectify the situation by allowing students to have more time to get to their next class. Students will know they have more time, so they will not feel as rushed and stressed about making it to class on time. This will fix the current problem of students having to rush to their classes and getting there breathlessly. It will also allow students to get to class in a timely manner which will eliminate the likelihood of interrupting class and getting a demerit. Additionally, stating that everyone should use the door to the right and walk on the right side of the hall will help the situation by lessening foot traffic. Currently, some students walk on the wrong side which increases the chaos of already busy hallways. Students end up running into each other if they are on the wrong side or hitting each other with doors if the wrong one is used. Reminding everyone to use the correct side will fix this and everyone will be able to navigate the hallways smoothly, enabling students to make it into class before the bell, therefore preventing them from receiving a demerit or disturbing the class. Finally, labeling the staircases as ascending and descending will fix the current problem because all students using the stairs will be going in the same direction. This helps to avoid the problem of students having to push through a crowd to be able to get to the door of the correct floor, and completely eliminates foot traffic of those that are on the wrong side, blocking the people coming from the opposite direction. This solution will eliminate stress by assisting students with getting to class on time and in turn prevent a demerit or a disruption of class. Overall, the lack of travel time between classes is a major problem at school, but it can be fixed with simple solutions.

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