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By , Ammon, ID
Beauty, what is beautiful? Beauty is the perfect hourglass shape, Beauty is the women with the exquisite mask of colors to cover her imperfections. Beauty is whatever the world has created to match the ideal image of a  perfect human... (more »)
Modern Art: Is Anything Authentic?
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It’s quite the elegant art gallery—the kind of place you go to be surrounded by men who own more ties than socks and women who wear pencil skirts everywhere. They’re all admiring this one painting so, naturally, you too... (more »)
Conspiracy Theory
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There are tons of conspiracy theories but there are a few that stand out to me. These topics are, Area 51 and that they are contacting alien life and have stored actual ships and aliens there. Next, the las vegas shooting was multiple people... (more »)
The Hypebeast This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Strutting down the narrow hallways of my school, he radiates an aura of confidence. Clad from head to toe in hype-wear, his appearance has surpassed all others – the perfect match of person and outfit. Pulled tautly around his torso is a... (more »)
Snapchat Culture
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I don’t understand snapchat. Social media just doesn’t come natural to me. It’s so fake… and I’m not a good actor. I just got snapchat over this weekend. It’s not something I did willingly... (more »)
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 In the past couple of decades, there has been a new language that surfaced. This language is the common vernacular of many different languages; just hidden and not thought about often unless sought out. Yes, I am talking about the... (more »)
Flip Phone vs. Smart Phone
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It has been scientifically proven that smartphones take away from people’s health and well being. Smartphones can even cause you to get less sleep, or have temporary blindness. Flip phones do not cause any issues of the sort. Flip phones... (more »)
The Disadvantage of Emojis
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According to statistics done in 2015 by Statista, the leading cause for U.S. internet users to use emojis is because they more accurately express what the user is thinking. Even though this may be true, Emojis can have a more negative impact... (more »)
Why Social Media Should Be Seen in a Positive Way
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There are 3.03 billion people active on social media. That means there are 3.03 billion people able to access information any time they please, connecting with people around the world. People become informed the second new information is... (more »)
Can You Fake It?
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When I was hanging out with my boyfriend one day, I saw that one of my friends had posted a picture with her boyfriend. I said to him, “I wonder why some people post more with their boyfriend than others.” It made me inquire what a... (more »)
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
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The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis says that language reflects culture. This I agree with. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis says that language constrains the way people think. This I do not agree with. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis says that says that culture is... (more »)
Discriminated Love
By , Elon, NC
If you have read the recent interview with the music legend, Quincy Jones, then you are well aware about the secrets of other celebrities, his thoughts on music, the murder of JFK and politics. But one thing that I’m sure is the question... (more »)
Humanity’s Opinion of Violence
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Death Note, one thing that crosses my mind about the manga (other than the premise of a teenager using a book that could kill almost anyone he wants while he tries to outsmart police that are trying catch him while using the pseudonym... (more »)
Cell Phones
Cell phones are taking over teenagers’ lives. They spend most of their time on the internet and cell phones. It takes aways spending time with their family and friends. Teenagers’ don’t know what it is like to have nothing to... (more »)
Macy's Impact on Muslims
By , houston, TX
macy's is taking a big step toward inclusivity. The department store recently announced a partnership with Verona Collection, an Islamic boutique, to carry Muslim-friendly clothing.The best part? You won’t have to wait too long to get... (more »)
We Need Less Homework
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The article “We Need Less Homework” by Aidan R. talks about the struggle and stress students go through, because of the amount of homework they receive. I wholeheartedly agree with Aidan R. and how students shouldn’t receive... (more »)
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