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How Apps Are Bringing People Closer Together
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Many people say that apps are making people, especially young people, unhealthier, stupider, and less social. And I can see their point, instead of going out for a walk we sit inside on our phones, rather than going to meet our friends we just... (more »)
The Deafening Vitual Silence
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The silence in her room was deafening. Even the dust particles made more noise than us. Surprisingly,I didn’t anticipate such an evening,perhaps it was because I was meeting my childhood friends after three years. All I received was an... (more »)
Why Hogwarts Is Still so Real to Us
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When J.K. Rowling wrote the words, “This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name”, she had no idea how accurate that prediction would prove to be in real life. (Rowling is a much... (more »)
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*CAUTION: Before you go on, please note that the following are the words of a perfectly non-dysfunctional, non-mercurial, non-hormonally imbalanced, non-high-calorie binging, non-over-obsessing, non-everything even slightly deranged (so... (more »)
Revelations of a Teenage Phone Addict
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I have been on social media for four years and counting—I have fallen into every new fad, downloaded every trending app without question, and followed the virtual path that most teenagers share. I can recall my first year on Instaram; the... (more »)
Dynamic Leadership: A Paradigm Shift
The term ‘leadership’ has acquired a pseudo-mystical vagueness in recent years, with it bandied about in the same circles where words like ‘dynamic’, ‘paradigm’, and ‘synthesis’ are used, often... (more »)
I believe that you have heard about food, and I am pretty sure that you eat food all the time.  Food is magical like a big giant food unicorn flying over a rainbow of multicolored goldfish crackers.  Some people say that food revolves... (more »)
LGBT: isn't That a Sandwich? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Unless that sandwich is “Lettuce, Glitter, Bacon, Tomato”, no grandma, LGBT is not a sandwich.  LGBTQAA+, which is a much larger version of LGBT, stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Questioning, Asexual, Aromantic, and plus.  And... (more »)
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Gaming should be a sport
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In july of 2014, an outstanding 11,000 people stuffed themselves into a basketball arena in seattle. They were not there to see a basketball game, but to watch gamers compete for 11 million in prize money. This is the ever growing world of... (more »)
19 Kids and Counting
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Holier then thou. That's what all these bible thumpers on 19 kids and counting think they are. They look down on those of us who don't believe in God and don't run our life with religion. They seem to take such pride in thinking they are better... (more »)
Teen Social Media Privacy
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It’s eight o’clock, and Ashley is checking her instagram for the fifth time that hour. While cruising through her feed she notices that her friend Natasha has gotten over a hundred likes. She looks back at that perfect selfie she... (more »)
Channeling Our Inner Mileys
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In 2013, a video on YouTube had many people, young people, talking. Former Disney Channel star, Miley Cyrus, shocked people everywhere when a video of her “Twerking in a Unicorn Costume” surfaced online. This shock is one of many in... (more »)
Suicide: A Reason
By , concord, MI
Can you see it? That line at the horizon? That cliff that, for most people, stays right there? I see it only closer. I can see the unstable, shifting stones that line the edge beneath my feet. I can see the darkness that lays below. That hidden... (more »)
The Intelligence of Cats Is Underestimated
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All around the world, dogs seem to be the center of attention for pets. Dog owners say dogs are smarter, more fun to play, and will protect you better. However, this may not be the case, according to various research. Cats tend to hide their... (more »)
The Dark Continent
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I have lived in one place and known only the cultures of that place for like the first thirteen years of my life. I knew only about Africa. I had never really been interested in other cultures or how many people live in the world. Moving to... (more »)
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Time. Many people have different interpretations of time. But to me, I think that time is a structure we humans create to provide some form of uniformity in our life. Imagine if we do not have time, how else would we know when to report to... (more »)
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