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“Dude, we partied hard Friday. It was #dope #WeOwnTheNight #craycray” No. Stop. All of you. Leave. Go join a wolf pack of uncivilized brutes. Run down to the basement and don't ever come back. Just please get out of my field of image and... (more »)
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Top 10 Creepypasta Part 2
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5, 1999, this is about an old show that a reporter remembered seeing in, you guessed it, 1999. The show, was not as creepy as he remembered it though. During the show, it had children featured in it with a big bear guy that seduses thechildren... (more »)
Bugs Don't Need Bugspray
You know when you're in Kindergarden and you draw those suns in the corner of your paper? You know what I mean. For some reason you also feel it's appropriate to have the sun wearing sunglasses. I know what you're thinking, the sun... (more »)
Stop it
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Stop trying to be deep when you have nothing to say, it doesn't make you seem like a good writer, it makes you look pretentious. Stop trying to be depressing when it's not needed, it doesn't make you look like you've lived it, it makes you look... (more »)
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—I write this not because it is true, but because it is how I feel, and what I believe. Beauty isn’t everything. The great lie. Beauty is everything— everything that matters. Beauty is life and love and humanity. What... (more »)
Bye- Bye Bully
While I was reading an article, "Bye-Bye BUlly" by Michaela HAmel. This article stuck out to me as I was reading. I liked this article becasue it was inspiring to know and read all of these words from a teenage who was being bullied and who... (more »)
Value of Life
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I find it amazing how, we, as humans, constantly chase after things so far out of our control. How a person can think so highly of themself as they stand in a shadow. I crave enlightenment to the fact that people willingly watch their life... (more »)
Top 10 Creepypasta
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Some things can scare us, that is surely the case with Creepypasta. Rules are, only ones I know the story to and no Jeff the Killer, Pokemon Pasta or Slenderman. 10, Merena Mordegard Glestgorv, this is a creepypasta with a 2 minute video... (more »)
Too Short
By , Seattle, WA
I live in Seattle. Winter and spring are long. Fall and summer are short. It’s just how we work. But my Uncle is getting married, and he lives in southern California, so we’re flying down there for a week. It’s going to be 95 to 100... (more »)
Change This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Sometimes, in the midst of something I would stop and ponder, “Why is this happening to me?” Age doesn’t define your maturity and having gone through quite a couple of things in the past few years, I learnt how to be... (more »)
The Blessings of a Divorce
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I remember about 7 years ago when my parents first separated. I was only nine at the time and I couldn't understand why mommy and daddy were fighting all the time. I would wake up at night to the two yelling at each other. It was hard... (more »)
Within the Lost
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We all may fall down, but some of us might get back up the fastest. Some of us stay on the ground. In most cases of those who don't get back up, it is best to stay down until you are truly ready. It's best to stay down and think of the cause of... (more »)
2 B or Not to B Great
By , Dowagiac, MI
  9/26/14 Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because, I believe that The Fault In Our Stars  should become a classic book. The first reason I believe The Fault In Our Stars should be... (more »)
THH: An Ulterior Message in 'Bringing...
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Lately on the rise has been the rather frank topic of…butts. Oh, you know, shaking “dat booty” on the dance floor in nifty fishnet stockings, “working” and “twerking” and showing just how much you don’t care. One of the most... (more »)
Editorial on Aardvarks
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Aardvarks. What exactly are aardvarks? I mean, really. Until eighth grade, I didn’t know they were a real thing. I thought they were like griffins - imaginary creatures that made no sense. But no, they’re REAL. And they look really weird.... (more »)
My Shadow
“Plantar fasciitis.” These were the words spoken to me in an alien dialect. The foreign tongue was not as hidden as it first appeared; the words were cloaked with an ominous and sullen tone. I knew it wasn’t good.  ... (more »)
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