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Editorial on Aardvarks
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Aardvarks. What exactly are aardvarks? I mean, really. Until eighth grade, I didn’t know they were a real thing. I thought they were like griffins - imaginary creatures that made no sense. But no, they’re REAL. And they look really weird.... (more »)
My Shadow
“Plantar fasciitis.” These were the words spoken to me in an alien dialect. The foreign tongue was not as hidden as it first appeared; the words were cloaked with an ominous and sullen tone. I knew it wasn’t good.  ... (more »)
A Year From Now...
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People tend to worry about their futures. They ask thinks like, "Will this matter in a year," and, "A year from now..." My question is, "What will you be doing a year from now?" For the sake of fairness, I will... (more »)
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     When people think of a uniform, they typically think of clothes. Your football uniform, marching band uniform, school uniform, or even military uniform. But can't a uniform be inanimate? Most of the time, when you look at someone, you... (more »)
A Year From Now
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A year from now, that's sophmore year. I'll change, everything changes. That's what high school is about. Honestly, social groups get stricter, both guys and girls become smarter. Manipulation, neglection, so many variables to who you end up... (more »)
The Black Uniform
By , morrson, CO
My uniform is all black. Black jeans, black shirts, black shoes, hair. Everything. My life is black. The color black is my color, it best suites me. I hardly dont wear it. Not everyone can just wear all black, only the ones who know why they... (more »)
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When I look through my window, I see black outside. It is morning. When I am about to drop asleep, I see it white. It is night. Where there is life I see death. People dying slowly from the second they are given life. And in death I see... (more »)
Vampires: Scary or Sexy? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Generally speaking, a vampire is a nocturnal creature that drinks human blood. Some are demons, transfigured witches, or natural predatory species, but most are “undead” beings, meaning that they should be dead but remain alive by feeding on... (more »)
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Why can't you just work for it?
Teens these days are just handed expensive things by their parents, and never have to lift a finger by working or even think about save money to buy them on their own. Putting the idea into many teen’s minds now a days about how they can... (more »)
'Style Is Eternal'
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A great man once said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” I am of course, talking about the late designer Yves Saint Laurent; a man with enough personal style to put many women to shame…But what is style? The Oxford Dictionary would define... (more »)
Inner vs. Outer Beauty
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In today’s society, everyone is more concerned about their looks than their true personality. Everyone simply tries to look beautiful, embracing their outer beauty, but letting a hideous, green monster grow under the layers of makeup and... (more »)
The Romantics
By , Lemon Grove, CA
My intention is not to receive pity, I don't need that. I simply want to put this out into the world, because it’s been bothering me for quite a while now. Like any typical school night,I was procrastinating on my math homework and decided... (more »)
Victoria’s Secret Angels Beacons of Hope for...
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2013 was, without a doubt, a year of progress. This progress included great steps for women, and there is perhaps no better symbol of liberation or respect for the female role in society than the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. On Tuesday night,... (more »)
The Hobbit Movie Trilogy
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Back in 2012, Peter Jackson once again stunned the world with the amazing mystical world of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The Lord of the Rings movie director brought alive J. R. R. Tolkien's story to life again and this time, turning it... (more »)
Defining Life
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I've been thinking and pondering what the definition of life is because the dictionary's definition just wasn't doing it for me. I think I figured it out though. Life : Feeling. Some people try to numb their feeling and leave... (more »)
Important of Literature
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Reading literature is quite simply an everyday thing, yet it is anything but a simple endeavor. Anyone can pick up a book and begin reading, but are they really reading? Some would say a book is just a compilation of words, sentences, paragraphs,... (more »)
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