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I never thought I’d be much of a ?#?twittergoddess?. But I was wrong. I’m a Twitter ?#?freak?. I’m a Twitter ?#?maniac?. I will rule all of ?#?socialmedia?. I will be your ?#?internetqueen?. I mean, I’ve had an account for... (more »)
Dystopian Dream
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When the word “utopia” comes to mind I see visions of tall silver buildings caressing the skyline with jaunty people at the root of every building. Each and every one of the people would be conversing and hugging and most importantly, smiling... (more »)
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Have you ever felt like you were drowning when you are all alone? The feeling of no one being able to help surrounding you like the water, pulling you down inch by inch. It seems so slow to you but really it happens in seconds. Instead of water... (more »)
Girls "Perfect Bodies"
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Advertisements all around the world with girls “perfect bodies” on it. Even advertisements are trying to show the importance of having a “perfect body.” I think that this is very wrong because everybody is different. Not every girl is... (more »)
The Reality of Nothing
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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess. I wanted a pink castle and a closet full of puffy dresses. I wanted an entire kingdom to adore me and to go to balls and dance with princes. I'm not sure if it was Disney that brought the... (more »)
The Acceptance of Change
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There is a very well-known saying that if you do not change, you are not truly living. In life, we can never predict what might happen in the future, even if we do our planning of what we want to achieve in the future, the future is a great... (more »)
Easy Rules to Remember While Doing “Teenage...
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We are only young for so long so why not live a little. At this point we have no real problems or responsibilities. Things are going to be quite confusing for you as a teenager so whatever ideas or opinions you think you have, don’t. Instead let... (more »)
Selfie= Self-Obsessed?
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As you may know "selfie" was picked as the word of the year in 2013 by lexicographers responsible for updating the Oxford dictionary. The other contenders were "twerk", "shmeat", "olinguito",... (more »)
Remembering Michael Jackson
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To me Michael Jackson was the best.I know others might think differently but to me he was great.You can't put his greatness into words. It's been 5 years now that he's been gone.It still doesn't fell like he's gone.There... (more »)
Essentials of a Shopaholic
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When the shopping malls invite them with their open arms, they don’t let them down. They love to shop and the shops love them in return. Be it cosmetics, groceries, lifestyle products, when they drop into the shops, they shop till they drop.... (more »)
Is Television Culture Ruined?
Has the DVR ruined television? Let me make something clear here: I am a frequent DVR user, and I have fallen victim to watching my favorite weekly shows days after they originally aired. But by having the convenience to watch whenever we want,... (more »)
Is Comedy Sexist?
I sat down to the Golden Globes a this past January fan-girling in anticipation. The deadly funny duo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the event for the second year in a row. Trying to be as objective as possible, which is pretty much impossible... (more »)
Shambled Ramblings
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Forrest Gump’s mother always said that life is like a box of chocolates. My own mother said life is what you make it. With myself, however, I’m not really sure. Growing up in the Catholic faith, I was trained to be a strong believer in fate... (more »)
Why are people shaming girls who wear...
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In a middle school in New Jersey, they banned girls from wearing dresses that were strapless, and then said they couldn’t wear them because it was too much of a distraction to the boys in their school. To be honest it’s not our fault if the... (more »)
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Animal Protection
Does any innocent human being deserve to be abused? The answer is no. So why should animals on factory farms have to go through this pain? They feel and hurt too, as they’re living things. That’s why people should focus on animal protection on... (more »)
Starbucks- Meet Your Owner
Starbucks Coffee. Let’s just make this plain and simple. Straightforward exposure at it’s finest. That picture up there is seen all too often. Smooth white cups accompanied by those cardboard sleeves in hand. The green mermaid logo... (more »)
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