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People need to remember that beauty is only skin deep. I have a challange for my readers, get to know someone from the inside out because they could be "ugly" and have a beautiful personailty or vice versa, personality is what matters. I've... (more »)
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Why children should not play violent video games
By , Colorado Springs, CO
Today what I am going to talk about is children playing violent video games. Why we need to change this is because children are playing violent video games & then they are acting violent. My plan for improvement of violent video games is... (more »)
Yoga: Mind, Body, and Soul
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Yoga is for the mind, body, and soul. It is really only beneficial to your self except for the burden of attempting to make time for it with a busy schuedule. The act of yoga causes the body to be toned and bring out the best in a person. Not... (more »)
From Papercuts to #Touchscreens
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When did I start reaching for my phone instead of a book before bed? I cannot say exactly when or why I began choosing Best Vines over Lord of The Flies. I grew up in a world in which books began to slowly slide from my hands, into some... (more »)
The Princess Controversy
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When I was six years old, I wanted to be a princess; Snow White, to be exact.  I loved her black hair and blue eyes, like myself; her kindness and her ability to sing to birds and connect with animals.  Her lips were so red, her skin... (more »)
Electronic Simulation to the Brain Making a...
In our entire life, we have played some sort of  video game that involves others whether they are cooperative games with the family or online video games with random strangers. We all had moments where we want to strangle someone for... (more »)
THH: What Is It Like To Actually Step Into...
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Yes, yes, I know. We do this every day we pick up our pen and create art, us writers, artists, musicians, sculptors, painters, and so many more. But let’s think slightly more physically: what if you woke up in someone else’s body, not unlike... (more »)
The Phenomenon of Gift-Giving
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It’s the end of November and you’ll already find people drinking their coffee in Christmas-themed mugs and decorating their houses with Christmas candles.Undoubtedly Christmas along with all other “festive” times of the year are... (more »)
Our Emotional Infinity
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Some of us look up at the sky and see nothing. We’ll see sky. Just pure sky. But some of us also look up and see infinity. There is a huge difference between seeing infinity and seeing sky. If you see infinity, you might understand what I... (more »)
Moving On- Impossible?
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How easy is it to move on? The answer varies of course because no one is similar. When you have gotten hurt numerous times, you naturally think that it’s in your life to be hurt. You think that you are bound to get hurt by every single... (more »)
I Might Grow Up
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Growing up is something we all have to do. Whether we like it or not, we must give up our footie pajamas and trade them in for pants suits and protein shakes. We will have to give up watching cartoons in the morning, and listen to talk radio on... (more »)
School Lunches
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In recent years awareness has been brought to the obesity epidemic, particularly in children.  Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative has emphasized the importance of healthy eating in school lunch and breakfast programs. This... (more »)
Inner State of a Young Person
I want to share with the ideas that I have recently discovered. It's about our inner state. Is anyone paying your attention to it? I think those will be small. But if you stop for a moment and just try to feel, what is happening now? Even... (more »)
Proud to be an American
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I am proud to be an American  because we have fashion freedom. Whatever your culture, personal style, or fashion interests, there are unlimited options for you. This country was built on the idea that people can express themselves... (more »)
Take Control Of Your Life Don't Become...
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The average person spends four years of their life looking down at their phones. Did you know that an average human's attention span is one second lower than a goldfish. In 2000 the average human attention span was 12 seconds, in 2013 the... (more »)
The Perks of Having Ovaries
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Humans who are under possession of an overabundance of emotions and estrogen (females) feel as though they got hit with the unfair storms of genetics.  A life rich with testosterone seems much easier than the constant need for absurd ordeals... (more »)
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