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Me Before Death, Me Before Euthanasia
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The recently released Me Before You follows Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a once successful businessman whose life is drastically changed when he is paralyzed from the neck down. His wealthy parents hire bubbly caregiver, Louisa Clark (Emilia... (more »)
I'm Confused
I am very confused.  Why do we do the things we seem to do?  Why do we continue to build our societies if we just tear them down?  This has shown in our history from the moment man spilled its first blood, to ISIS decapitating the innocent in... (more »)
By , Bangor, ME
It’s 2016 and actual personal interaction is disappearing. Without actual interaction (thank you internet!) we’re losing the idea that not everything is perfect, including ourselves. In a real conversation, you can see every... (more »)
Best Book Villains
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Rules: They have to be one being, not an organization or an idea (like WICKED from Maze Runner). They cannot be evil for the sake of evil- I’m looking at you, Leck. They have to prove their evilness, so it can’t be just because I... (more »)
The Good, the Bad, the Meh: YA Trilogies
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This review discusses the following trilogies: Ascendance, Chaos Walking, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Divergent, 5th Wave, Grisha, Half Bad, Hunger Games, Infernal Devices, Legend, Maze Runner, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,... (more »)
Trendy or Loose Tees
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How do you dress? When you’re flipping along a rack of clothes at the mall, as muffled pop music floats to you from high ceiling speakers, what do you think about the choices you see? To me, plunging necklines, high hemlines, and clingy... (more »)
Love Yourself
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Sometimes especially in this generation females and males are struggling to find acceptance within their friends rather than finding acceptance within themselves.   Today teenagers are blinded with the false images of “being... (more »)
School Issues
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People tend to have a lot of issues in school. Anything from learning to graduating. Why do we have so many problems? Is it because of how we are taught, or is it what we grow up learning? Maybe it’s not even our fault. We can’t... (more »)
L: A Universal Language We Are Fluent In
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Is the first word that pops up in your head, love? What if I am here to tell you that you are wrong and I am referring to loneliness? Shocking isn't it? Well, thinking deeper, isn't loneliness something we are all familiar with too? I... (more »)
What's Up With YA Relationships?
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I’m sure you’ve read them: the one true love, destined to be by the protagonist’s side as they ride off into the sunset together and live the rest of their lives underneath puffy clouds and bright rainbows. But when you think... (more »)
Ric Flair: The Greatest of All Time
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Who's the most influential man in pop culture history? Ric Flair. When I was younger I did not appreciate things nearly as much as I do now, because kids don't really understand the value of the things and the people in their lives. But... (more »)
Anti-Social Media
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In our world, social media has basically taken over. Every day no matter where you go you will see someone with a cell phone out on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone is embracing the new social media sites, but they don’t seem to realize the... (more »)
Why Captain America: Civil War Is so Important
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We all have choices to make. There isn't one day that goes by without us making a choice of some sort. But some choices are heavier than others. This is the question: With everything happening in the world today, how are we to live? Who are we... (more »)
Feminism in Star Wars This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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One of the most well-known movie franchises in the world is the Star Wars saga.  Full of heroic stories of good overpowering evil, the movies are full of positive role models for young boys, but through the years, female role models have... (more »)
Why Books are a Thing of the Past
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Have you ever found yourself reading a novel or other literary item of your choosing, and suddenly you started dozing off?  This may seem like a natural occurrence based on the diminished levels of stimuli in your environment, but it... (more »)
Social Media: A Negative Impact on Teenagers
By , wyckoff, NJ
Imagine the only thing that mattered in your life was the amount of followers or likes you had on your social media page. That if you did not look like the models online, you would hate yourself for it. Social Media is a way for teenagers to... (more »)
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