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Platformer = Rhythm
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just something that occurred to me while playing racoon thief 2 (sly cooper if copyright's not an issue. it's naughty dog, though.) platformers essentially are rhythm games, in that you press a certain button combination at a certain time for an... (more »)
Body Image
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Body image is one of the most contraversial things in the world. Some people thing it is good to have a role model so that they can have their dream body in mind, while others feel like you should just be you and have your own body. Girls should... (more »)
Vampires: Scary or Sexy?
By , lowell, MA
What stood out the most to me is how vampire lores have persisted throughout the years of human knowing about them. “Vampire lore has persisted because of how intimately the myth intertwines with our psyche.” My reaction to this quote is... (more »)
The Concept of Beauty
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 Wouldn’t it be nice to have the life of a caterpillar? Grow up and turn into a beautiful butterfly with flamboyant colors and abstract patterns. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you will become a better... (more »)
Time to Unplug
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What stood out to me most was that everybody in the world is always connected to something or addicted to something like teens are always connected to their phones or mostly connected to their internet which is connected to a phone or computer... (more »)
Drones: Why They Should Be Allowed
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Drones are a highly debated topic and there are many reasons for and against them. Drones can be considered helpful, affordable, and easy-to-use fun. Alternatively, some people see them as dangerous and privacy invading cameras in the air. For... (more »)
Drones Are Not What They Seem
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Drones are used in many ways, they come in many different forms, but the issue of whether or not we should use drones in our daily lives is a hotly debated topic to discuss.  Recreational drones may seem fun, simple even, and are a cheap... (more »)
Drones Proven Wrong
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The possibilities are endless with drones.  They come in many different shapes, sizes, and ways to control them.  While there are many positive ways drones are being used it seems the main issue that everyone is questioning on is... (more »)
Activision: For the Love of Money
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There’s a disturbing new trend that’s only a year old among video games. And it was caused by one game: Modern Warfare 2. It was probably the most advertised, hyped, and all around pushed game releases of all time. In November, you... (more »)
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Brown Eyes and All Their Glory
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Honestly, brown eyes don’t get enough credit. Brown is a beautiful color but it is commonly associated with mud and dirt, and often considered a dull, lifeless color. Brown is actually the color of the earth, a simple, calming color. A... (more »)
The Teenage Truths
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“I don’t fit in Felicia, I really don’t. I wish that people noticed me.”- Said Emma “Fit in,” a common term used by every teenager. But honestly, what do those two words ‘’fit... (more »)
Coffee: Make America Great Again
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Coffee is a trustworthy friend. We have known each other since high school and coffee never fails to be an effective solution to any problem. Coffee is mysterious: hidden behind the thick walls of my mug. Coffee is sophisticated: each sip comes... (more »)
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Recently I was given a copy of the October/November issue of Seventeen magazine, which is a widely popular female teen magazine. I was never really interested in teen magazines before, celebrity approved beauty hacks and dating advice never... (more »)
Why Normality is a Myth
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In a world of almost 7 billion people, you're bound to run into different types of people which begs the question, "Which of one them is normal?" Because what you find normal could be completely different from somebody's... (more »)
First World Problems: Binary to Stationery
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Sifting through the sea of children’s letters, Santa’s eyes grow weary.  His optic nerves strain as he pushes himself to read just one more of the monotonous letters written in Calibri or Times New Roman.  It wasn’t... (more »)
Going Against the Current
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Have you ever felt as if you aren’t good enough, popular enough, or liked? Those feelings come when your mind is set on worldly things. Everyone has had those feelings at some point and they aren’t fun; they make you feel like you... (more »)
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