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Coffee: Make America Great Again
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Coffee is a trustworthy friend. We have known each other since high school and coffee never fails to be an effective solution to any problem. Coffee is mysterious: hidden behind the thick walls of my mug. Coffee is sophisticated: each sip comes... (more »)
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Recently I was given a copy of the October/November issue of Seventeen magazine, which is a widely popular female teen magazine. I was never really interested in teen magazines before, celebrity approved beauty hacks and dating advice never... (more »)
Why Normality is a Myth
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In a world of almost 7 billion people, you're bound to run into different types of people which begs the question, "Which of one them is normal?" Because what you find normal could be completely different from somebody's... (more »)
First World Problems: Binary to Stationery
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Sifting through the sea of children’s letters, Santa’s eyes grow weary.  His optic nerves strain as he pushes himself to read just one more of the monotonous letters written in Calibri or Times New Roman.  It wasn’t... (more »)
Going Against the Current
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Have you ever felt as if you aren’t good enough, popular enough, or liked? Those feelings come when your mind is set on worldly things. Everyone has had those feelings at some point and they aren’t fun; they make you feel like you... (more »)
10 of My Personal Favorite Frank Ocean Tracks
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Frank Ocean is one of the premiere acts in today’s R&B scene. With a strong, experimental vibe unlike any other artist in the industry, Ocean is perfect for those looking for something that is not only rhythmically competent but also lyrically... (more »)
Oh Bo: an Essay on Bo Burnham and Comedy
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Art is dead, So people think you’re funny, How do we get those people’s money? I said art is dead, We’re rolling in dough while Carlin rolls in his grave, His grave, His grave…   In a mixture of self... (more »)
A World Without the Cloud
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The term “Internet” is defined as a large network of interlinking command centers that provides communication over an indefinite amount of locations. Communication in this way is described as a representation of juxtaposition,... (more »)
The Nobel Prize Controversy
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Bob Dylan posses a gift for songwriting, which imcompasses forms of both music and literature. Known as one of the greatest songwriters in American history, Dylan has definitely made his mark, writing about a large scope of ideas from political... (more »)
With Great Electronics Come Great Responsibility
By , Beijing, NY
Pocket computers are now everywhere. Internet access is now possible through your glasses. One system can now control everything in your house. The digital age is truly upon us. And in this world, where high-tech “toys” are so readily... (more »)
Made Up Men
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Men in makeup has the potential to redefine masculinity in our society. Men in makeup is not a foreign idea; it has been going on in different cultures for millenniums. In early Egyptian history, pharos wore extravagant black eye-rimmed makeup.... (more »)
Why I Will Always Love Harry Potter Part 2
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Now Harry Potter is at Hogwarts, a place that is filled with brilliance and uniqueness. He meets the friends that will stay with him for a lifetime, and help him battle his greatest demons. Do you know how rare that is? Forget about "Expecto... (more »)
Why I Will Always Love Harry Potter Part 1
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To call Harry Potter a global sensation, would be the understatement of the year. The magical series by the lovely and witty J.K Rowling started in the late 90"s, but has only grown more since then. While most potterheads will argue about the... (more »)
A Screen of Secrets
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Back in the 90’s (The Perfect Age) people would smile without looking at bright, cautious screens. The music was classic and real, with a kind of sound the was original, and unique. Now technology rules the world with an controling eye. The... (more »)
How My Life Would Be Different Without the...
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Most people think that living without the internet seems like a horrible thing. To me, it sounds like the perfect escape. Society today is so consumed by the internet and technology, that no one seems to be focused on the important things in our... (more »)
I Don't Get It
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What I don't get is why some people have to constantly be on their phones. Talk TO me, not in my general direction while your eyes are on the screen. Don’t text your friends while I’m standing there trying to have a conversation with YOU,... (more »)
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