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Identifying FOMO
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The thought of living a day sans technology is deemed more and more horrifying as new iPhones are released and social media updates. I personally catch myself subconsciously refreshing apps like Snapchat and Instagram more often than is... (more »)
Black Friday
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Black Friday is the day where price tags from nearly every store shrink significantly, offering an insanely affordable version of clothes, cosmetics, furniture, technology, and more to consumers. The shopping frenzy begins the moment clocks... (more »)
Don't (Get) Rape(d) This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“Yes, I do the cooking. Yes, I do the cleaning. Yes, you be the boss, and yes, I be respecting.” Tell me, whom did you envision as you read those lyrics? A man? A woman? These lyrics are uttered by female rapper Nicki Minaj... (more »)
Headphones in, World Out This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Headphones are very similar to chewing gum. Most people use them, a lot carry them in their pockets or purses, some claim they’re bad for you and many find them incredibly annoying and often disrespectful. America’s infatuation with... (more »)
Why Is It the Best Time of the Year?
By , Austin, TX
Halloween is candy and costumes. Thanksgiving is turkey and football. Christmas is stockings and mistletoe. Even Valentine's Day is hearts and chocolate, and there are so many more. I associate these things with the time of year, but this... (more »)
Giving Up Has No Place When Leaves Glisten on...
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 A breeze floated across the skies landing on my face pushing my hair to dance uncomfortably in the wind, prickling into my neck. I swept it across my face as I turned around. And looked up. I gazed something that many haven’t ever... (more »)
The Petrifying Label on Your Clothes
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You think you’ve changed, but you haven’t. Once again there is a sticker that is glued onto you, it labels your behavior and your negative qualities; the way that society and others view you. You try to peel the sticker off.... (more »)
THH: Notre Dame, Our Lady
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The problem was I liked the song, I liked the music and the French, but there were problems, massive problems, and I couldn’t even sing the song, let alone in tune, and knew deep down I probably shouldn’t lip sync all the way to Consumer... (more »)
Pokémon Go and Beyond This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“Pokémon Go” has changed the gaming industry as we know it. What makes the game so noteworthy is its use of a technology called augmented reality (AR), which blends a virtual world with the real world. Unlike virtual reality... (more »)
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Platformer = Rhythm
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just something that occurred to me while playing racoon thief 2 (sly cooper if copyright's not an issue. it's naughty dog, though.) platformers essentially are rhythm games, in that you press a certain button combination at a certain time for an... (more »)
Body Image
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Body image is one of the most contraversial things in the world. Some people thing it is good to have a role model so that they can have their dream body in mind, while others feel like you should just be you and have your own body. Girls should... (more »)
Vampires: Scary or Sexy?
By , lowell, MA
What stood out the most to me is how vampire lores have persisted throughout the years of human knowing about them. “Vampire lore has persisted because of how intimately the myth intertwines with our psyche.” My reaction to this quote is... (more »)
The Concept of Beauty
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 Wouldn’t it be nice to have the life of a caterpillar? Grow up and turn into a beautiful butterfly with flamboyant colors and abstract patterns. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you will become a better... (more »)
Time to Unplug
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What stood out to me most was that everybody in the world is always connected to something or addicted to something like teens are always connected to their phones or mostly connected to their internet which is connected to a phone or computer... (more »)
Drones: Why They Should Be Allowed
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Drones are a highly debated topic and there are many reasons for and against them. Drones can be considered helpful, affordable, and easy-to-use fun. Alternatively, some people see them as dangerous and privacy invading cameras in the air. For... (more »)
Drones Are Not What They Seem
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Drones are used in many ways, they come in many different forms, but the issue of whether or not we should use drones in our daily lives is a hotly debated topic to discuss.  Recreational drones may seem fun, simple even, and are a cheap... (more »)
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