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April 2, 2018
By gavinveilleux BRONZE, Turner, Maine
gavinveilleux BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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There are tons of conspiracy theories but there are a few that stand out to me. These topics are, Area 51 and that they are contacting alien life and have stored actual ships and aliens there. Next, the las vegas shooting was multiple people from multiple levels of the hotel and whether the security guards helped them or not. The next 3 all have something to do with the government first being them controlling the path and strength of storms, the second one to do with the government is a fake moon landing, and lastly that they control bitcoin.


My first theory is that  Is that Area 51 is contacting alien life and storing actual alien  DNA  and technology for testing. This seems like a theory that could be real, There are tons of proven facts to back it up. One is that if it wasn't something major they wouldn't guard it with such intensity, many people will tell you it's just a place they build top-secret military technology. A recent post by The Washington Post confirming this theory“The Pentagon has officially confirmed that there was, in fact, a $22 million government program to collect and analyze aerospace threats and alien activity” The Washington Post is a pretty reputable source. Other websites have also written about this popular topic, these websites are often owned by random people that claim to be popular ufo watchers this is proving that area 51 is an Alien activity monitoring military base. These websites have said they have watched for ufos there and have seen the more alien activity there, than anywhere else. While this may just be a fluke or fake sightings, it is still interesting.


The Las Vegas shooting was a recent attack at a concert and they have since found the guy who did it, but it makes you wonder was it really only 1 guy who did this? Many people think not, the theory is, this was multiple people from multiple levels of the hotel, to me this seems unlikely. Could that many people with large guns make it into a hotel like that so easily, so now many people say the security guards helped him in and out of the building, Just think if the security was on their toes they could have caught him before he got out but they didn't. I don't fully believe either of these allegations but if they come out with some strong facts to back both of these up I will believe them.

This theory has been out there for a long time, but due to recent events, it has come to life more than ever. The recent hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico have made people rise up and think are these storms really happening back to back or is it the government causing these storms. While it seems a little weird they would cause damage for no reason with all the secret and high-security places it could definitely be a possibility that the government is controlling certain things about these storms. The theorists are saying the base in Alaska which could be because of the there low population making or being somewhere off the mainland so they don't get hit. It seems pretty stupid, why would the government destroy stuff they will probably have to pay for. Some are saying its used to kill people and thin out the population in places that they are struggling for food or water.

Fake moon landing: While one of the biggest events in history was the moon landing, it has always been something people will say is fake. Many people say the Americans faked the moon landing as part of the cold war, to raise pride during the hard times. But people found that in the picture the flag appears to be moving in the wind something that wouldn't happen due to the lack of wind in space. Some people are even saying famous film director Stanley Kubrick was behind this, and, helped perform the fake landing. I think this is a total lie due to the technology advances they have had from that experience in space and it was recently proven that the flag only appears to move during the moment of opening it, something which would happen even without wind. This makes the main evidence completely useless.

Bitcoin: Since bitcoin has become such a large thing people are beginning to think it is a scam and was created by a mysterious inventor that is working for the NSA    (part of the government)and that there are few people who are hoarding bitcoin and driving up values. I do think there are people hoarding driving up the value but I don't think its a scam or the FBI would have busted it or done an investigation. Therefore, I think it is a risky investment that would crash as soon as people stopping going crazy over how much there worth it will drop dramatically.

These are in my opinion the most popular conspiracy theories in the last 5 years, and those are Area 51 observing and holding alien life forces inside there base, There was more than 1 shooter in the las vegas shooting,The government is controlling the weather, the moon landing was faked, and bitcoin is being hoarded to raise values. While I think some of these are fake people still put up a very compelling argument about them.

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It has a lot about my opinion but has a lot of facts to back up all of my opinions and I think this is a great peice to put on your site

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