We Need Less Homework

February 5, 2018
By Melina_Jurado SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Melina_Jurado SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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The article “We Need Less Homework” by Aidan R. talks about the struggle and stress students go through, because of the amount of homework they receive. I wholeheartedly agree with Aidan R. and how students shouldn’t receive so mhh homework. While homework may help many students in practicing the new material, homework should be an option and not a requirement. Student who want to practice the material should have the option of practicing with homework. Teachers should be able to teach students the material needed in the designated time. Instead of using students, such as myself personal hours. Many student would like to get away from school once they arrive home, or when they do many activities after school, but they have to be reminded and stressed out of school becuase of all the homework they receive. I would like for people to be more aware of students situations, and the stress they have been through. Thank you Aidan R. for sending the message out that students should be taken more in consideration. 

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