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Challenges Can Cost You Your Life

January 31, 2018
By ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Why do people have to do all these really dumb challenges? Why do people like to risk there life? They might not think...but doing all these things are really dumb because you're hurting yourself. But if something happens to your not only will it affect your body but it will affect your family that love you so much. You guys need to understand that your life isn't worth a couple of view on social media.


Like for example a couple of years ago people were doing the ¨cinnamon challenge.¨ People got injured and some even died because they tried it. Cinnamon isn't something to be playing around with because when  you try to swallow it it's blocks air tryna go in your lungs. Which technically you start to suffocate,and cause irritation.


Or also now people started to eat tidepods.Like what is that...why are people eating stuff you should not be around playing with. And because of that dumb challenge some people are risking their life for some of views. That's not a good influence for kids. Kids are always on youtube watching videos what do you think will happen when kids see someone eating a tide pods .


It's not cool seeing people eating stuff and tryna get views byu really hurting themselves you only live once and people who are 10-25 years old be doing these challenges. You still have many of more years to live.Think about you in the future? Do you not wanna graduate school,accomplish things in this world. Instead of doing stuff like this you should be grateful you're alive and inspire people by doing good.


 Just inspire people to do good things in this world.Know that people in this beautiful world care and love you.Think of how they will feel if something really ends up happening to you.Take care of yourself and live life. Because you only live once…

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