Pre-Ripped jeans

February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

I have noticed that as social media grows so does the holes in peoples pants. I don’t understand why people are paying so much money for pre-ripped jeans. I personally prefer putting the holes there and not buying them that way it’s just so much cheaper.

I recently asked 20 of my friends how the holes in there pants got there. Only 2 said that they cut them in themselves. The other 18 bought them, so i asked how much they paid. The numbers will surprise some. Between $65 to $80 for jeans with pre-ripped holes. I buy $10 jeans and spend an hour with a knife putting holes in them or i just fall and get them that way.

Asking why people buy them like that? Its because people don't have time to waste, or they don’t wanna do it. Me and my friends will get together and order a pizza and talk while we spend like an hour or two cutting our jeans.

People say its dangerous to do it yourself and honestly it kinda is. I’ve cut myself multiple times cutting jeans. It hurts for a second then i forget about. So buying pre-ripped jeans is a safer.

Pros and cons of buying ripped jeans. It’s safer but more expensive. Designer branded but not original. More time to do other stuff.  Pros and cons of making themselves. Cheap and dangerous. Original but not designer brand. Less time doing something else but u can hangout with friends and have fun. Do what u want with my opinion i don’t care. Thats why its an opinion right?

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