An Open Letter to Makeup

December 7, 2017
By smenczywor BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
smenczywor BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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An Open Letter to makeup,

As a female, I am supposed to love you. You're supposed to make me look beautiful. You’re supposed to wreak havoc on my bank account, just so I can get the brand new versions of you. But in all honesty, I am not the average woman who will spend about $15,000 on cosmetics in her lifetime. I think you’re only useful some of the time. I think you are overpriced and your “high end” versions of yourself work the same as the drugstore you. I won’t lie, you make me feel pretty for special occasions, but I don’t need to deal with you on a daily basis. You’re too high maintenance, you take forever to look just right, you make me late to places, you give me zits, you are such a pain to take off, and I always seem to find traces of you everywhere I go. The thing I dislike the most about you is that you tend to cover up my favorite part about myself; freckles. Freckles are relatively rare, and I have embraced my uniqueness. I love my freckles and YOU cover them up. My freckles are what make me who I am, they give me character. They are what my grandma used to call “angel kisses.” I grew up knowing that my freckles were special; but then I met you. You were always a topic at hand in society, and still are today. I started to learn from others to love you a little more, and love my freckles a little less. Now I realize that I don’t need you, and that I can be beautiful without you just like everyone else. You are a bonus, not a necessity. And I think everyone needs to know that you can be a plus one, but they can stand alone without you. You are not as powerful as some people make you out to be, just remember that.

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