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October 26, 2017

Do you believe in ghosts? Monsters? What about vampires? These creatures are fictional, however, supernatural beings can tend to trigger interest and curiosity in people’s minds. The show The Vampire Diaries is packed with every supernatural creature you could imagine. The series not only demonstrates its creativity with the characters that they develop but also expresses the relationships between the characters of the storyline. For regular television watchers, and people who binge-watch shows, like me, The Vampire Diaries is definitely a show that gets you hooked. It appeals to people who are interested in mysteries, fictional events, supernatural life, and of course, romance. The many different elements of the storyline and the character development make the show engaging to a variety of audiences.

The most important aspect of the show to many fans is the development of the characters. The changes that the characters like Elena, Damon, Stefan, and many more go through during the course of the show make you feel as though you know the characters, and get you emotionally attached to their stories. Elena was just a regular teenage girl that experienced a great deal of tragedy for only being sixteen years old. Because of characters like Stefan and Damon, her life was changed. Stefan and Damon are two vampire brothers that go back to their home in Mystic Falls, Virginia and unintentionally wreak havoc on their town. The things that each character does affects the others which keep the show and story interesting. Being that I am currently watching the series for the third time, it is the type of show that will never get old.

Besides the obvious plot of vampires, witches, and ghosts, the relationships that are developed throughout the show are irresistible. Viewers of each episode never know what is going to happen next which keeps them intrigued. Also, the characters themselves are relatable to many audiences. Besides their relationships with one another, their perceptions of themselves demonstrate how many teens feel every day. For example, Caroline, Elena’s best friend, deals with many insecurities with her looks, and overall personality. The only real difference between the characters in the show and average teenagers is that generally, most adolescents don’t have to worry about supernatural creatures, especially vampires. The Vampire Diaries makes the audience imagine what it would be like to live in their shoes; having personal issues while constantly being in danger.

Not only is The Vampire Diaries a very popular show, but it is also a book series. The series was written by L.J Smith in the early 1990’s. However, the books are far less popular than the television series. Many people who are fans of the show only know the plot from television and not from the actual books themselves. I have not read the books, but because they have the same characters and basic general plot, I could see how the books would be likable as well.

The Vampire Diaries was produced on the CW Network, however, the show is no longer creating new episodes. The entire series can be watched on Netflix, purchased through Amazon, and iTunes. If a person in their teenage years has not watched The Vampire Diaries, they have most likely heard of it. It can be found almost anywhere. This show is engaging and very well developed and appreciated by many teenagers and some adults across the country.

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