Money Making: Parents vs. Kids

June 8, 2017

Since the time of ancient civilizations, such as ancient Greece, some form of currency has been used. From trading livestock and goods to using precious metals in the form of coins, the definition of money has not changed throughout the years; it is a medium of exchange. Throughout time, money has been an item of desire, some doing whatever necessary to obtain more of it. Money instills greed. Nowadays, more than ever, money equals power. Everything is run by money, including our government, our country, and our world. It is a person’s choice whether they earn that money honestly, or dishonestly.

For most parents, earning money is something they do everyday in order to support their families. Hopefully, most parents earn an honest living, but besides honorability, there is the issue of how to supply children with money for entertainment purposes. As kids get older, they enjoy eating out with friends, going to the movies, or buying items such as clothes, shoes, or electronics. So, because of this inevitable stage of development for kids, parents are faced with the issue of how to finance their children. Like adults, should kids have to work for their allowances, or should the money be given out for free?

As people get older, work is not an option if they plan to live a comfortable life, and support their family if they have one. For kids, work is not necessary, but money is still of value. From personal experience, I can say that working for money is much more rewarding than receiving it for free. Although sometimes I can say that I would rather just be handed twenty dollars from my parents instead of doing chores such as mowing the lawn, painting, yard work, and helping around the house, working for your money is more beneficial as well as rewarding. In adulthood, money is not ever given out for free (With the exception of the slim chance of winning the lottery and other special circumstances), and because of this, if a person is unable to do meaningful work, they will not be paid. Because of my experience of working for my money, I realize this, and realize I will not be handed anything for free as I grow up.

This essential life lesson should be one everyone learns at a young age. Nowadays, especially in extremely wealthy families, I have noticed that kids are being given money more often, as opposed to earning it through work. This system is not beneficial, because it will create adults who will not be willing to work, or who believe they deserve money just because they are alive. As my parents have told me, when they were young they, and mostly all other kids would be doing most of the chores around the house, and some even had jobs such as delivering newspaper at very young ages. Parents should require their kids to do chores for money, as many parents did when they were young, as it teaches you to work for your money, and that you will not be given anything for free in life.

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