The Petrifying Label on Your Clothes

March 2, 2017

You think you’ve changed, but you haven’t. Once again there is a sticker that is glued onto you, it labels your behavior and your negative qualities; the way that society and others view you. You try to peel the sticker off. Doesn’t work. You try to argue with yourself and others that the sticker is not accurate. Then you learn that it is the truth in their opinion. Suddenly others opinion becomes yours. You get upset, but there is no use. It won’t come off. Then you start to change. You realize that there is no other option. You can’t cover or hide it, it won’t go away. So you do the only thing left. You change. Or at least you think you did. You feel like you have. The sticker tells otherwise. It won’t come off. It doesn’t’t matter though. Now you know. At least now you are aware of it. You embrace those negatives. You accept them. Then you change them. You change them into positive. One morning you wake up, after weeks of long hard work trying to change. You look at your arm, and the sticker is gone.

This is the experience of many kids, fruits, clothes for stores etc...
You buy a dress from a store and a certain part you don’t like about it. The design has no appeal and it doesn’t please you. You still buy it because of the label the brand of the store. You bring it home, place it on the tip of your dresser. You sit on your bed and pull out your computer to begin your homework. But there is this lingering feeling that forces you to turn off your computer and once more take a glance at the dress. It still doesn’t please you. So you try to ignore the design that repels itself from you; the design you don’t like. It still bothers you. So you peel off the tag and redecorate it making it beautiful but still your style. Changing it. Now it has no label it’s yours.

Style is the same; personality is the same; and you are the same. Change yourself in a positive way. Make your personality how you want it to be; not how the people around you expect it to be. Everyone has millions of chances to be the way that they believe they are supposed to and ignore societies preaches. Listen to your loved ones your parents, your siblings, an adult your close. Change yourself for the best. Not for others but for yourself. Once you ignore any obstacles and do this the people around you and you will be satisfied and happy with your personality and yourself.

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Manju said...
Mar. 5 at 8:00 pm
Very Good Nikhila. You are a very good writer. Keep up the good work
Nikhila replied...
Mar. 6 at 9:00 am
Thank you!
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