Body Image

February 17, 2017

Body image is one of the most contraversial things in the world. Some people thing it is good to have a role model so that they can have their dream body in mind, while others feel like you should just be you and have your own body. Girls should not have to feel pressured to have the model perfect bodies! Everyone is built in a different way. Everyone's bone, muscle, and fat structure is different. No one is the same and that is a good thing. I have seen little girls see barbie dolls and look at themselves in pity. They feel that in order to look good they have to be skinny and have lots of makeup in order to succeed in life. We should not fill little kid's heads up with the thoughts that they need to fit in with the ideal body type in order to get noticed in life. This does not just apply to girls, but it applies to boys too! Boys often feel pressured to choose a girl that has a model worthy figure instead of the girls that have the curves. They feel like if society see's them, that they will be mocked. This is not right. We need to end this perfect body madness. Every body is perfect no matter what size, shape, and weight it is. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we need to show it off. Let's end body image. Who's with me?

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