The Teenage Truths

December 25, 2016

“I don’t fit in Felicia, I really don’t. I wish that people noticed me.”- Said Emma

“Fit in,” a common term used by every teenager. But honestly, what do those two words ‘’fit in,’’ really mean? For adults it means for their child to have friends. Teenage girls use this phrase without actually really knowing significance of the meaning.  They want to fit in by being in a social group that supposedly is important or is involved in popularity.  In my opinion it takes away the essence of glory inside you; picking and stabbing at the beauty in your truthfulness. The real you.

“Popularity.” There’s another commonly used phrase that people don’t comprehend. What does is its true essence mean? Do we give more weight to its importance than the amount of magnitude that it actually carries? It seems that this is one of the only things on the mind of people. One thing to notice is, not only teens, but adults too. Everything carries over. If we keep this up next generation these meanings will be put into use in an earlier age than it is now. These futures of most children will not end up resulting in how popular you were in the middle or high schools. Or how many Facebook or Instagram followers you maintained. Kids in other countries struggle for several reasons that won’t even come across children in America. We are spoiling the good futures and gifted, granted lives we have by putting new problems on top of ourselves, when we really don’t have any. These small clichés in school, take things to higher levels than are expected. It is disappointing to watch a beautiful healthy and gifted teenage girl develop anxiety problems because of the pressures put on her.

Our society is basically held on the status of each person. We say we are free but aren’t we just trapping ourselves in a whirlpool of how we are, and aren’t supposed to look and act. Whether it’s when we are a teenager basing things on reputation, and beauty. Or when we are adults basing life on social status, and money. In truth, it looks like children have even more mature friendships than any age above adolescents. The only time we are making ourselves truly free is when we are children. Where friendship and other titles mattered in the right ways.
If we were really teenagers and called ourselves more mature than children, then why do we care about popularity and be extremely beauty conscious? What in truth is the perfect girl everyone talks about? A beautiful, smart, and popular girl. But this is not realistic. Todays girls will sacrifice anything to maintain these three titles. Should a girl be letting go her self respect and her dignity just so she can be liked by everyone? Just for a boy? Is maintaining crushes and dating really necessary when it won’t matter in the next ten years of her life? Your boss isn’t going to care about how popular you were ten years ago. The girls these days will do anything to get a nice rating with their beauty in school. But what they don’t know is, as much makeup is put on, or how rich your dress, it won’t cover the real you.

The opinions of others should never make you try and attempt to change yourself. The outside of you cannot change as much as you try. You can excessively diet and you will lose weight but you will also gain many health problems. It is shown and proven in science that teenage girls need to eat right. This is essential and will cause many problems in the future if not followed. No matter how much makeup you apply you still have the same features and the same face. This will not change no matter how much you try. But attempting to change yourself on the inside to be as beautiful as you can, and loving yourself by the way you are, will be the time when you really become a real adult. And a really good-natured human being.

If reputation really matters so much to a teenage girl, then why work on her image but instead herself. The outside of her will never change, but inside is what will grow mature into something beautiful or horrible within a mask. People will remember you and your personality. They will remember how helpful, kind, and how beautiful you were- on the inside. A face is a face, hair is hair, skin is skin, but the heart is you.

A pure heart is the most beautiful quality a girl can have. Because it is unique. It is different. It is something you won’t find in others. You will find a beautiful face, but it will always just be a face. Something that will eventually change to become ugly as you grow old. But not the heart. If it is pure it will radiate light from every corner and never subside into the darkness. It is endless beauty. Something that will never grow old. Something that a person will never forget. When you grow older and your beauty is gone, the beauty a teenage girl once had, is not what will stick with you. But how true, and how pure your heart is. A lovely heart is the most beautiful thing a teenage girl could have.

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Nikhila said...
Mar. 23 at 8:14 am
Reeses_Pieces, Thank you so much for your kind response. -Nikhila
Reeses_Pieces said...
Mar. 21 at 9:10 pm
This is an amazing article! Keep up the good work! You defined a lot of our thoughts, questions and doubts clearly. Keep writing!
Aastha said...
Jan. 3 at 2:53 pm
Hi Nikhila!!! This article is very inspiringvand influencial.Thanks for the motivation as it will be beneficial for me in future circumstances when i become a teenager. But actually why should i wait until i become a teenager, to be honest i face this problem even now.You are right Nikhila, many girls today including me believe that outer elegance is what would impress people.But we have forgotten that our virtues impresses people more.At the end of the day people will speak of your humanity and... (more »)
Nikhila replied...
Jan. 3 at 5:00 pm
Thank you so much Aastha for responding to my article. Thank you for writing such a meaningful response and taking the time to read my article. your friend, Nikhila
GKana said...
Dec. 30, 2016 at 2:32 pm
Nikhila, I love this. Many people feel subdued because they don't think they are good enough. For example, today my dad told me to introduce myself to someone....I couldn't. I just couldn't. I didn't think about how fun it would be to meet a new person; all I could think about was how ugly I am, how bad my personality is, how no one would want to spend time with me. When I think of a human -- a complex creature in which the entire world revolves around -- held back by other h... (more »)
Nikhila replied...
Jan. 2 at 12:00 pm
GKana, Thank you so much for your remarks it means a lot to me. It's great that you shared your own personal feelings. Sharing your experience helps people relate more and think more about their own problems and their own solutions. I am really glad that you shared this under the circumstances you are in. Know that you are beautiful. It's not whether your beautiful from the outside, but its the inside of you that really counts and will truly make you beautiful. I am glad you liked my essay and t... (more »)
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