Why Normality is a Myth

November 12, 2016
By SupahAce15 PLATINUM, Marietta, Georgia
SupahAce15 PLATINUM, Marietta, Georgia
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In a world of almost 7 billion people, you're bound to run into different types of people which begs the question, "Which of one them is normal?" Because what you find normal could be completely different from somebody's else's view. So when someone does something completely out of the ordinary, and somebody tells them "That's not normal" are they wrong or are they right?

I used to think that normal was what everybody else was doing, and thought that I had to follow that. What they said, What they wore, whatever music they were listening to, I had to do the same.The problem with that though is that everyone does something different. So not only was it hard to keep up, but by the time I figured out what was going on, it changed into something new. It was like by trying to be normal, I was always 2 steps behind.
So I stopped and I started being who I am and when I think about it now I realize that normal is just like Einstein's theory:It's all relative, it's based on your mindset and your perception. There's no set image, idea, or thing that's normal. Normality is like Atlantis or Nessie, something that could be real or maybe not real, it just depends. So if someone tells you that you or what you do is weird or "not normal", I would suggest asking them, "what is normal and how do you define it", because it's just that one person and they don't speak for the world.

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