Why Social Media Is a Superpower

September 4, 2016

In the comic book world, powers come from insects, rings, freak accidents, and traumatic experiences. In our world our power comes from one thing: Social Media. Now instagram doesn't give you x-ray vision, twitter can't let you talk to animals, and snapchat doesn't give you superspeed. When I say it's a power, I mean it changes things. Trends like #condomchallenge help promotes safe sex, #icebucketchallenge helped raised awareness and money about ALS, and #blacklivesmatter reminds people about the struggles African-Americans face daily. And it's not just trends, thanks to social media, it's never been easier to relate to people that share the same interests. Not to mention, help spread pop culture.Just like superheroes with their superpowers, they help bring people together.But the most amazing thing about Social Media is the way it turns every-day people into extraordinary people. Like iisuperwomanii on youtube, Kingbach on vine, and every other person that uses social media for good. Social Media unites people, just like the superheroes in the comic books.

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