An Open Food Court

September 4, 2016
By Aarya1 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
Aarya1 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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On any given weekend (mostly Saturday nights) whenever one of my parents or even my sister comes to me to say that lets go out somewhere, the same old clichéd idea of going to the mall located at about five kilometres pops into everyone’s minds. And there we follow a simple routine. Firstly, we check whether there are any interesting movies or not. If we do find an interesting movie we see whether we have some time to grab a bite before that or not,or whether the movie finishes at a time when some restaurant is open or not. Mostly we seem to find time find before or after the movie. If we do not find any movie tickets, we have dinner and return back.

If we get bored of the same mall we go to the mall located 15 kilometres away. I don’t want to hype that we go out almost every weekend but the point I’ am trying to make over here is that we seem to live in an era where at every second turn a mall is coming up.

But when my sister’s birthday came up I was pretty excited as she has pretty wild ideas when it comes to celebrating (by wild I mean different). Even though we went to the mall located 15 kilometres away, we weren’t even aware that within seven kilometres of the place was just the place I seemed to be looking for. Before telling you about that place I must make something clear and that is we are not addicted to shopping, as most Indians but more towards food. Now this place turned out to be perfect for us, it was a huge park in which more than half of the park was given to car parking (considering the population of Delhi) but the other half had food trucks lined up. And not usual food trucks. These food trucks actually had funny names like “What the truck?” “What the fork?” and “Eggjactly” to name a few. Now the only two problems I noticed were that, first of all the cuisines offered were pretty similar and secondly about 100 cars were parked for a nearby group of known and tried restaurants and only about 15 for the food trucks( the numbers are not exact and just there to show a comparison).

I think we should try more and maybe get out of our comfort zones of the same malls.

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