July 4, 2016
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I know I am different, but why is that bad? We as humans are so quick to categorize and judge people that are different from us. They never looking for the story, never look for common ground. They just discriminate and ostracize and bully, never love. Why do we do this? Why isn't being different good?What makes a person 'different'? Is it the way the walk or talk? The way they dress? Why is it that other people categorize them implicitly? Is it there something about there personalities? Is there something fundamentally wrong about them? Is there something that scares other people away? What is it about having differences that is so unbecoming, so repulsive? Why can't we just treat every person with respect and love? We don't have to share their views or their mindsets, but we as a human race need to get behind each other and appreciate whatever views, whatever opinions another person has. We need to accept that we are all different, and that is never going to change. We have to eliminate the need to conform to societal constructs and peer pressure, so everyone can be who they truly are. There are so many things holding people back from being happy with who they are in their hearts. Society sets standards and benchmarks and expectations that keep people from letting their light shine. In schools and workplaces around the country, trends and social hierarchies drown people in self-loathing, jealousy, and manufactured personalities. They cage us in self-doubt, hatred, and unreachable expectations. We as the human race need to break the benchmark, expand our horizons, release the pressure, and just be who we are inside. There is no need to adopt a factory-made personality just to become one of the "in crowd". Become yourself, and if you don't know who that is, search until you find them.

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